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    Default "10 Random Things about Me" (horsey spinoff of Facebook thing)

    Currently there is a fun game going around on Facebook called "25 Random Things About Me", where you just write down 25 facts about yourself and send them to your friends. Thought it might be fun to put a horsey focus on it and share--I know I learned a LOT of very interesting things even about my own family doing this!

    To keep it short, I'll suggest "10 Random Things". Feel free to add or subtract, but make it about horses. Stuff that nobody would know already is a bonus!


    1. I have been to the Chincoteague "Pony Penning" three times (when I was a kid) and fully expected my dad to buy me a pony that we'd bring home in the back of his VW station wagon. He didn't.

    2. I read so many horse books before I actually started riding that I knew my diagonals already before I even trotted for the first time.

    3. My girlfriend Alexandra and I used to ride her horse bareback (double) to the local pizza place and get french fries every Saturday when we were idiot kids.

    4. I was the New Jersey State Reserve Champion in Horse Bowl (4H) in 1979--it is a team competition, but none of my team members showed up because their driver had a mare foaling--I did the whole competition solo and placed 2nd.

    5. I have not gotten on a horse without a helmet since I can remember. Even in Aruba--I bring a helmet to do beach rides.

    6. I met my first boyfriend at the racetrack--he was a groom, I was a lowly hot-walker.

    7. Even though I haven't done "the hunters" for over 15 years, my secret dream (one of them) is to run away to Florida for the winter circuit and show hunters.

    8. If I had Lottery-Type riches I would get into horse racing as a breeder. None of my horses would race before the age of 3. I'd go from place to place buying the best mares I could find and immerse myself in pedigrees from dawn until dusk.

    9. I used to have a job driving a horse and carriage.

    10. My next "dream horse" is a buckskin pinto driving pony.
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    Jan. 8, 2006
    B.C. Canada


    Ill play:

    1. My first horse was a shetland pony that I taught myself to ride on unsupervised at the age of 8. It was our neighbors pony whom I'd go 'steal' when my parents and he weren't home to know about it. It was a bad bad day in my little world when I finally got caught.

    2. I started showing at the age of 12. Yet never took an actual riding lesson until I was 16. Completely self taught from books. My first horse was an unbroke Anglo/Arab 5 yr old "crazy"mare- who my dad brought home for his crazy daughter. I trained her myself, with no help, knowledge or supervision. I hit the dirt many many times Said mare went on to become the foundation mare for my breeding program. She passed away quietly at the age of 34.

    3. I could quote you the British Pony Club manual verbatim- but have never actually belonged to Pony Club - it was my bible when I was young.

    4. At age 12 - I bought my first saddle (hence the showing) from money I'd made babysitting. Before then I rode only bareback.

    5. I have a habit of insisting on hunting for hidden treasures tucked away in back pastures. and quite often am known to demand that my husband stop the truck so I can go knock on random doors and ask about a horse I see when we are driving by. 90% of horses that I have purchased have been for $1000 CAN or less.

    6. I was a working student in barns in the Canada, US, France and Belgium.

    7. I am an avid collector of historical equine books, which I usually strip down and recover in leather and gold embossing to match all the other books I have on the shelf. (OCD much?)

    8. I have owned everything from Hanoverians, TBS through to Saddlebreds.

    9. I like hot horses.

    10. If I could own any horse in the world it would probably be a friesian, not for any particular performance, just so I could look at him
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    May. 9, 2008


    FUN!!!! I just tagged a whole bunch of people for this on facebook

    1. I just got my very first horse - Dumplin'. He is a mini from Sunkissed Acres!

    2. I am severely allergic to hay. You can imagine the get up I have to wear to feed horses. Mask, gloves...the works.

    3. I am a re-rider who secretly wishes for greatness in Dressage

    4. I have a secret addiction to breeches. If I weren't so fat I would wear them as my work attire.

    5. I collect C.W. Anderson Thoroughbred lithos. I received my first portfolio "Turf and Bluegrass" when I was 12. I still have it. In fact two of the prints are at the framers right now so I can hang them in my office

    6. I have been studying and practicing Aromatherapy for Canine and Equine for nearly 10 years and have several long term clients.

    7. I am using a Troxel helmet bag as a purse right now (don't ask...but it does look cute )

    8. I a volunteer for an awesome Hippotherapy program! I LOVE IT!

    9. I am a terrible rider (hence the need for #3 and why the latter part of it is so laughable) and have my very own style of "Winglish" Reining

    10. I have trained a service dog and therapy dogs and am working with Dumplin' to be a visiting horse
    I Loff My Quarter Horse & I love Fenway Bartholomule cliques

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    Jul. 10, 2008


    1. i love ponies. a lot. the cuter the better!

    2. the smallest horse i've ridden was 10hh. the biggest, probably about 17.2.

    3. i used to keep track of the number of times i fell off, but lost count at 35. that was SEVERAL years ago!

    4. while i am a hunter princess, i've ridden dressage, sidesaddle, and polo ponies, and i know how to drive.

    5. two of the three horses i've leased were palominos, and i still have a soft spot for them.

    6. quirky mares and bratty ponies seem to find me everywhere i go. i actually prefer them to other types, and think they have loads more personality than most people.

    7. when i was younger i would cry if my lessons were cancelled due to bad weather.

    8. after 12 years of huntseat and dressage lessons, i am going to my first western riding lesson tomorrow! i am excited to put some new tools in my toolbox.

    9. i take pride and satisfaction in 'dressing up' for my lessons, (clean britches, polo, hair up, belt, etc.) and love knowing i look the part.

    10. in my closet reside a saddle, bridle, multiple girths, halter, lead, FULL grooming box, various saddle pads, polo wraps, whips, spurs, and coolers, and yet i don't have a pony to use it all on!

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    Jun. 25, 2007


    1. I had no idea that my first horse looked like a rescue when I bought him. But I've turned him around and he's turned into the "swan"! I look at his 1st pics and think, "God what was I thinking?!?" yet it was love at first sight. Thank God I have a great instructor who got on my a** to feed him tons and get him in shape.

    2. I have always wanted a horse with a flaxen mane.

    3. I desperately want a donkey for a pet.

    4. I am terrified my horse will bolt but have no reason or basis for it.

    5. I love the smell of "horse" and would wear it as perfume if I could.

    6. I have had young children (my kids' friends - they are 6 and 3 and say what is truly on their minds!) get into my minivan and say, "Eww....what smells??" yep - it's horse or perhaps some manure scrapings on the bottom of my boots in the back of my van!!

    7. I love looking at horse magazines. Even ones like Smartpak and Valley Vet - I look at them before bed.

    8. I sometimes dread going on wonderful vacations because I have to leave my horse behind!

    9. I once rode a camel up a mountain in India (seriously) - not really horse related, but it's fact.

    10. I notice every horse and horse farm when we drive on long trips.

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    Mar. 19, 2008


    I'll play!

    1. I rode on and off when I was little but didn't have my first fall until I was 20.

    2. I LOVE mares. Seriously! Sometimes I wish my gelding were a mare (sometimes )

    3. I too learned about diagonals and posting from books. Specifically the Saddle Club ones.

    4. I owned a full set of tack years before I ever got a horse. And he got new tack when I got him.

    5. I taught my dog to jump crossrails.

    6. I love braiding manes, even though I only do schooling shows.

    7. I used to give my Barbies haircuts and dye jobs, but I cried when my sister did the same to one of my Barbie horses.

    8. I give my horse a hug every day.

    9. My dogs have miniature horse blankets purchased from a tack store.

    10. I hate it when people are on the wrong diagonal, especially when they're better riders than me and they should know better!!!

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    Jul. 13, 2004


    I thought the one on Facebook was hard...and it could be about anything! Now I have to come up with 10 specifically horse related things?!?!?!

    1) I started riding at age 7 and stopped when I was grounded at age 15. Didn't start again until I was 20.

    2) I bought my first horse (Classy, who I still have) with a cash advance from my credit card. I was 20 and not real bright about money

    3) I was in a bad horseback riding accident at age 10 that put me in the ICU for a week. Broken ribs, bruised heart, bruised lung, multiple extremity contusions, etc. I started riding again three months later - as soon as the ribs were cleared for regular activity.

    4) I grew up riding hunters in SE PA (Chester Co) and now show Saddlebred hunters. My mare, Classy, was the reserve world champion in 2006 and my gelding, Puppy (see "MEGA jingles needed now!" thread) was 4th in the world this past fall.

    5) When I was a kid I watched all the show jumping on TV and thought I would ride the GP when I grew up. Now? You couldn't pay me to jump over stuff that's 5 feet tall!!!

    6) The only equine vice I consider a complete deal breaker is rearing. Classy is a rearer....and I will NEVER own another rearer.

    7) Abdullah and Gem Twist were my favorite show jumpers.

    8) I went to the FEI World Cup competitions, both dressage and show jumping, in 2007 and am going again this spring.

    9) I love, love, love a "snip" on a horse's nose, better than any other marking. I go gaga for a little nose snip!

    10) I love hot, go forward horses. I'd rather be checking back than pushing on.

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    Oct. 28, 2008


    1. I only rode Western for the first time in 2008 - and I loved it.
    2. The oldest horse I have at the moment is 25 - and I got him on Valentines day 1989.
    3. My other two horses are mother and son.
    4. I've looked after some 'famous' horses - but love working with babies (err, baby horses) more.
    5. The son's name is doodle, because he takes everything in his stride - a cool dude, doodle. His mom is 17.1hh; his dad 14.2hh - and he's 17hh!
    6. I started riding when I was 4 years old, my mom was expecting twins and I went to live with my grandparents while she was in hospital. My grandmother didn't know what to do with me so she took me to a friend of hers who had a pony.
    7. I was told when I was little that you had to fall off 100 times to be a 'real' rider. I was next found in the stable with a milk crate climbing on 'my' pony and falling off again.
    8. I won my first rosette aged six in a Thelwell class at a local show.
    9. I only clean my tack if I'm going to a show...
    10. I always cry when I watch Black Beauty

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    Mar. 6, 2007
    The Whinnery.


    I’m a little careful posting stuff under my real name on Facebook but here? Sure!

    I was deported from Sweden…. (Employer didn’t have paperwork in order) I was allowed stay overnight and rode a fancy showjumper the next morning before hopping back on the hovercraft.

    I pick poop by hand (& glove)

    One of the horses I rode (for a year) went on to win team bronze at the Barcelona games.

    I’ve always been perfectly happy “just being a groom” even though I’m qualified to teach.

    I wouldn’t mind one of those magikal horses that poop ze golden butterflies.

    I pet a body brush while watching TV

    I’m a tackoholic.

    I get a natural high from smelling horse sweat.

    I want Tpup to get a donkey.
    "Dressage" is just a fancy word for flatwork

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    Jul. 20, 2003
    Back in the 9A


    1. After taking English riding lessons for a few years, I begged my parents for an English saddle for Christmas. They got me one of those $150 set with saddle, girth, stirrups, and leathers. I put it on my fat QH mare and set up landscape poles on paint cans and we "jumped."

    2. I love that way horses' noses smell, on that soft part behind their nostrils.

    3. My QH mare bit me on my chest when I was in 4th grade, and put a hose in my New Kids on the Block T shirt!

    4. My dad taught me to ride on our cow horses and I used to be scared to canter.

    5. While I was helping my dad work cows on my sister's daft Appy, the dang horse freaked out and reared, and fell on his side (and me) but I was fine! (He was too).

    6. Sometimes when my mouthy yearling nips at me, I bite back!

    7. When driving down the road, when I see a nice four board fence or a cool ditch, I think, "I could jump that."

    8. It makes me jealous when swanky subdivisions and shopping areas use nice fencing to look pretty, when I think of how great that would be on my own farm!

    9. I've never paid more than $4000 for a horse.

    10. My secret dream is to compete in a Miss Rodeo tournament and get to wear flashy colors, fringe, and bling!
    Some nights I stay up cashing in my bad luck; some nights I call it a draw. -- fun.

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    May. 28, 2008


    I'll play . . .

    1) I would drop out of college today if a good, long-term barn manager job opened up to me.

    2) I desperately want to adopt a certain CANTER filly only because she looks like my horse.

    3) I would rather have a horse than a boyfriend.

    4) I love grooming, mucking, and caring for horses.

    5) I could stop jumping today and never miss it, I do it because my horse is a jumper and she likes it.

    6) I could stop showing today and never miss it, I do it because it makes my mom happy.

    7) I have a weakness for bay mares.

    8) I really, really want to own a donkey some day.

    9) My dream is to have an 8-acre farm with 4 horses - my mare, her baby, a donkey and an OTTB project.

    10) I am going to nursing school only so I can afford to have #9 some day.

    "You keep one leg on one side, the other leg on the other side, and your mind in the middle." -- Henry Taylor, "Riding Lesson"

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    10. For my first show, I had a saddle seat saddle, a dressage bridle, a western bit -- and wore black sweatpants, rubber boots, a white turtleneck, and a piece of purple bias tape tied around my neck. I won the novice W/T out of 22. The proudest day of my life!

    9. I have had 5 personal horses, and have never sold one.

    8. I have had maybe a dozen "investment" horses, and have never made money selling one. Yes, I do plan on doing it again too. Crazy!

    7. I used to show quarter horses and was on my state's Congress team for reining when I was a kid. I placed next to last. I went back many years later and won in jumpers.

    6. I used to barrel race my pony in an English saddle. He was FAST and could turn on a dime.

    5. It took forever for me to develop an eye for distance on horses after making the switch from ponies.

    4. I once jumped over my friend at the State Fair. Good thing my pony was careful!

    3. I learned to ride from George Morris' Hunter Seat Equitation and studying pictures in Practical Horseman.

    2. I made my first jumps out of cinderblocks and PVC pipe. And fallen trees in the woods, of course.

    1. When my pony would buck me off, I would hold onto the reins so he wouldn't run home and inform my parents about the "issue." To this day I instinctively won't let go of a horse. This is NOT a good thing.

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    1. My first horse used to run away on me all the time near feeding time. He knew that it was dinner, and there was no way some punk kid would stop him.

    2. Once I learned WHOA, I rode horse #1 everywhere. To my friend's house, ice cream, boyfriend's house...and so on.

    3. For a communications class I took my show horse to school.

    4. I rode saddle seat on above show horse because he was to much of a fruit cake for hunter classes on the morgan circuit.

    5. I fell of another horse at my brithday party because I was showing off. HA..horses are good for that!!

    6. I look online at the nice farms and centers up for sale and drool over them.

    7. When I hit the lottery () I would like to open up a lay-up farm for OTTB's and former show horses.

    8. I don't notice horse smell, but co-workers can tell which boots are my barn boots.

    9. I could care less about fashion but give me my matching zocks.

    10. I will wear makeup at a show but you won't catch me wearing it at work.

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    Oct. 18, 2002


    I actually like these little things!

    1. I learned to ride english from a guy that rode western. I knew what my diagonals were from reading books, and he had NO idea what they were!

    2. My current boss had the unenviable job of ACTUALLY teaching me to ride all those years ago once I left the western guy; I THOUGHT I was WAY better than I actually was!

    3. I have my current fabulous job because of COTH.

    4. I was obsessed with learning to sit the canter because I had trouble with the rhythm of it. I STILL to this day prefer to trot down to a jump.

    5. I'm certified to teach western lessons, but have never actually had a western lesson in my life.

    6. I'm a hunter princess, but I want my horse to eventually be a jumper.

    7. I just got my first horse at the age of 29.

    8. I've ridden an 18.2 hand Percheron and LOVED it!

    9. I can't wait to go on my first Hunter Pace.

    10. I love going to Caribbean Islands and doing the horseback rides!

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    Oct. 2, 2004


    1. After my first riding lesson I turned the arm of my parents couch into a pony and practiced on that for the next 6 months.

    2. My first fall was off a horse named Rufus - he tripped at the canter and I flew over his head. I got back on, but after that I refused to ride him. At my last riding lesson before we moved away, I rode him and I loved him so much and wish I never quit riding him!

    3. For my first try at braiding I was 11 years old and my trainer said his only tip was to make them tight. So I did a total of 10 braids and rolled them up and tied like 40 knots in each. Those things didn't move and I took out half the mane trying to get them out. I actually became a professional braider about 10 years later and always made them tight!

    4. I have never paid over $1800 for a horse. First was $1800, second was free and third was traded for!

    5. I have always wanted a pure black arabian just because I loved the black stallion. I will have one someday and ride him/her on the beach!

    6. I've also always wanted an Andalusion just cause they are pretty.

    7. My most proud accomplishment is turning my traded for OTTB - a scrawny 15 hand 3 year old when I got him - into my Jr/AO jumper.

    8. I ride for fun now due to financial and time constraints, but I miss it so much. I still judge my year by what shows are going on!

    9. My horse has gigantic ears.

    10. I used to design courses and set them up using paint cans and ski poles. Then I'd jump the dog over them.

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    Aug. 12, 2002
    Zone 6


    This was fun to do on facebook

    1. I started riding when I was 8 yrs old.

    2. I dressed up my horse in white sheets for halloween when I was a little kid and my parents actually let me ride around in the DARK to my neighbor's houses. Very stupid...

    3. I was once pulled over by the police while on horseback. I politely asked "Was I speeding Officer"?

    4. I've always ridden english but I think cutting horses are amazing to watch.

    5. I'd like to ride on a cattle drive someday.

    6. I give each of my horses a kiss on the nose every morning.

    7. I got my first horse at age 10. A 14.3 h Ango-Arab named JR. He taught me so much and was my best friend.

    8. The horse I like the most now, spent her first month at my farm rearing, bucking and generally trying to kill me. She got over it and I love her.

    9. I love buying horse "stuff" on ebay.

    10. If I won the lottery, I'd open up a rescue in a minute.

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    Feb. 6, 2004


    1. My mother taught me to ride when I was about 4. I'd be trotting along on her friend's pony and my mom would say turn right, I would drop my reins to look at my thumbs because I knew right was the thumb I sucked!

    2. I first jumped riding double bareback with my cousin who is now a BNR. (Also got my first concussion that way!)

    3. I first learned to canter riding bareback in a bathing suit.

    4. I was a city kid who only got to ride in the summer, so when I couldn't ride I would make courses out of benches and buckets in my backyard for my German Shepherd to jump.

    5. My favorite thing to do when I was a kid leasing a horse, was, with my friend and her pony, ride bareback with just a halter and leadrope with my friend and her pony to the end of the dirt road at dusk, then let the horses gallop back to the barn in the pitch dark.

    6. The summer I leased my first event horse I fell off 25 times.

    7. I didn't own my own horse until I was 25.

    8. I've now owned 11 horses and have spent a grand total of $4,000 in purchase prices/stud fees.

    9. My very best horse cost me $1, which included a halter, bridle, wraps, shipping and a bottle of bute!

    10. I still want a pony!

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    Dec. 7, 2008

    Default Abdullah?

    Quote Originally Posted by asb_own_me View Post

    7) Abdullah and Gem Twist were my favorite show jumpers.
    Ahh! Lol I love Abdullah, but that might have something to do with the fact that his son lives in this area and used to live at the barn I first started.

    Get this, the lady that owns him now was given him because the lady who used to own him couldn't afford the upkeep anymore, so she just gave away an olympic medalist horses' son! Lol his name's Nebulous and he's around 30 now! When I first met him she still rode him and jumped but now he only gets ridden once a year... walked around at the Rolex. I love him, he is such a sweetheart!

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    Central Florida


    1. I rode very sporadically as a kid - my parents weren't really able to afford it. I had Breyers and horse books galore, I drew pictures of horses frequently.

    2. I started riding lessons seriously just over four years ago after finishing law school. I went riding on the beach in France, and I was hooked again

    3. Since then, I have lessoned, half leased, owned a horse for a year, and returned to half leasing.

    4. I currently half lease a TB stallion.

    5. I've jumped up to 3'3 in a grid, and I am amazed at people who regularly jump that height out of stride...Someday I will get there.

    6. I live in South Florida, just south of WEF, but want to move some place more economically feasible for owning my own horse.

    7. I was thrilled when my boyfriend enjoyed the trail ride on vacation, in which he actually cantered and stayed on!

    8. My ideal horse is a big 17 hh gray TB - they're a pain to clean, but so stunning.

    9. I routinely decline happy hours after work on friday to go ride.

    10. I love riding outside the ring and would be thrilled to fox hunt or hunter pace someday.
    "Horses give us the wings we lack"

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    Feb. 26, 2007
    Bronx, NY/Atlanta, GA/Fort Dodge, IA


    1 - I learned to ride by going to summer camp for one week every year starting when I was 9.
    2 - I fell off my second time riding; this was at summer camp, and in our second lesson, we learned how to trot. I was riding an Arab, and more or less bounced out of the saddle. They VERY quickly thereafter taught us how to post. I have since lost count of how many times I have fallen off... I'm sure it's around 100, if not more.
    3 - In December 1996 (when I was 13), I started riding with the guy who I rode with until I moved down to Atlanta (in 2006).
    4 - I have never ridden a warmblood (just Morgans, TBs, QHs, Appys, TWHs, ASBs, Arabs, Welsh Ponies, and probably some others)
    5 - I have competed and placed at the Morgan Grand National and World Championship Horse Show.
    6 - I got both my horses from the guy I rode with back home.
    7 - One of my horses was free (well, there was no purchase price); the other I paid roughly 1/10th of her actual value for.
    8 - I trained my horses myself. Neither one has ever been ridden or trained by a professional, and it is only recently that I received any professional input (by taking dressage lessons).
    9 - I want to "grow up" and have four horses and a pony: Star, Sparky, Star's two babies (a Morgan baby and a TB cross baby), and a Welsh pony (bucksin would be nice).
    10 - I do/have done hunters, jumpers, some western pleasure, hunter pleasure, pleasure driving (wire wheeled cart), carriage pleasure driving (reinsmanship, obstacles, gambler's choice, double jeopardy, CDE...), sidesaddle, a little cross-country, and trail riding... all on the same horse (we have our strengths, of course, but we can do all these things well).
    Founder, Higher Standards Leather Care Addicts Anonymous
    Capitalization is the difference between helping your Uncle Jack off a horse and helping your uncle jack off a horse.

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