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    Default Pricing a Used Saddle

    How do you decide how much to ask for a used saddle? The particular brand I am trying to sell is not a large national brand (Ashley and Clarke All-purpose), so I am having a hard time figuring out how much to ask for it. There aren't any listed on ebay and hardly any on the internet, and the ones that are all all over the place in price. The saddle itself is in great condition, and although its like 10 years old it has been sitting under a cover in a tack room for the past 5 years because it was my old saddle that I didn't bring with me to college. I'm ready for a new one and I don't need 3, so this one has to go. I'm going to clean it up very well and oil it. I paid about $1200 for it new. How do I figure out how much to sell it for now?


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    You may try asking someone that is in the business of selling saddles, like this here:

    You may even find your brand of saddle for sale there at times.
    They seem to have most every brand out there in their used saddle section.

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    I went to the local tack shop to put mine on consignment and they priced it for me. If you want to sell on your own, look around at local tack shops and see how much used saddles like yours are priced.

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    Unfamiliar brands are really hard to sell A year ago, 50% of retail was a good price on a used saddle in very good condition. Now, people are selling almost new saddles for 30-40% of retail

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    Our local consignment shop prices them at approximately 70% of new, provided they're in good condition.

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    I usually go to the tack stores for their help for pricing and help. They are usually pretty good about pricing and letting me know what price is a good one. Then I just go from there.
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    Default How do you decide "Quality"? Good, VG etc

    I am thinking about selling a saddle that a trainer made us buy that my daughter has always hated. It is used but in pretty good condition - no major damage but leather discoloration where stirrup leathers lie etc. Normal wear.

    I don't really want to have the local tack shop sell it so I don't really know if it is okay to get them to appraise it and then not list it in their consignment shop.

    It is a Beval - so known brand. I've looked at eBay etc but am still having trouble with deciding on quality. (I love the look and feel of brand new leather so any wear to me is alot).

    Is it kosher to get an appraisal from tack shops and then not list?
    Any other places to get a better idea of quality of used tack?

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    I've always heard to take half the retail and then add or subtract depending on condition. A saddle in excellent condition would be about 60% or 70% of retail, etc.

    I have a $1,500 saddle for sale in excellent condition and decided to ask less than I think it's worth ($700). I'm actually considering asking more because I think it's in the wrong price-bracket, if you know what I mean. (We once had a house for sale for almost a year. Upped the price to the next bracket, and it sold immediately.)
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