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    Default Free Lease Thoroughbred Mare in Southern MD

    I am looking to free lease my TB mare Annabelle. I love my girl to death, but being in college out of state has left her just sitting at the barn with nobody to ride her on a regular basis. She is very special to me, so selling isn't an option, and with the economy the way it is I don't want to imagine her ending up in a bad place. I was hoping a girl at my barn would lease her, but she has currently gone boy no luck there.

    Annabelle or Annie Pok [JC reg name] is a seven year old, 15.1hh thoroughbred mare. Annie's potential is unlimited, and she would be suited to just about any discipline. I haven't done much with her in the way of showing, but she has been taken to several off-farm hunter paces, trail rides, and has been used for various games. Ie: barrels, polocrosse, pole bending, etc. I have done basic dressage with her, and with regular work I wouldn't doubt that she could continue to move up. Jumping-wise, she has been taken over 2'6 -3'0ft and is a very honest jumper. I could easily see her being used for eventing, jumpers, perhaps hunters with the right person, but it would take some work. My BO has put beginners, intermediate and advanced riders on her without a problem. She is a very uncomplicated ride, overall. I hop on her when I come home over breaks bareback and I can do anything with her, but she is happiest when in constant work. She trailers, ties, clips, etc like a doll. No vices, and loves attention. Annie is also a very easy keeper, and only requires shoes on her front feet.

    I wouldn't be opposed to her being leased as a broodmare, if bred to the right stallion she would probably have a nice baby. But, the most important thing to me is that she gets ridden and used. I know what this mare is capable of, but I just don't have the time to take her out and do those things at this moment. I would be most comfortable with her staying on-farm for the lease but if the right opportunity/person arises, I might allow off-farm.

    I have a few pictures, but no real U/S pics..I am usually the one behind the camera..Lol. Feel Free to pm with any other questions or for more pictures. Thank you. (Please excuse fencing in bg)
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    Where exactly is this horse located? And how far away are you willing to send her?
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    WOW! Very feminine, soft and lovely, nice conformation and nice frame. She has a nice kind eye. I'm surprised you are free leasing her. I would suggest getting a implant ID on her before you lease her (please), get a good contract and run a credit check on anyone who wants to free lease her (google is your friend too).
    I think she is very nice. Make sure you keep control of her (so no one runs off with her). Keep your parents/older adults involved. (If you are not that young, I apologize, I assumed you were the owner in the picture. Good news is you look young).

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    Pretty girl!

    If the person who takes her wants to breed her make sure that person carries insurance on her with you as the beneficiary! Anything can go wrong during the pregnancy and/or the delivery. Not trying to scare you just telling it like it "could" be so you aren't surprised.... Actually, the insurance is a good idea whether she's bred or not....

    Good luck finding a lessee--Annie is a cutey....
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    Default good luck

    Your mare's darling!! Definitely go wiht a contract and yes, they should have to carry insurance with your name on it, but a credit report?? Not sure I'd agree with that. Many people going through a divorce have horrid credit, and a horse may be their only 'fun' thing. I just bought my house last year, not so sure MY own credit would look fantastic after that, but I am planning on bringing home a couple of new mares in a month or less, and my vet/farrier would give glowing recommendations on my care level... so go with references, a contract and they need to carry insurance for sure.

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    Check your pm

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