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    I am NOT pulling your stirrups JUST to torture you--believe it or not, I honestly would like you to get better, and this(or substitute any unpleasant activity) is how you will get there.

    You (or your child) WILL fall off. HOpefully it wont' happen very often, but it will happen. It does NOT mean that the horse is dangerous, or that anything went horribly wrong. It's part of riding. If you do not want to fall, dont' ride.

    Yes, it's an expensive sport. I understand that noone has an ulimited budget, and I do my best to make it affordable, but it's expensive! If you want to show, and ride a nice horse, it costs money!

    i'm sure there's many, many more, but this is what's at the front of my m ind right now.

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    When I yell at you to stop holding the front of the saddle, its actually not because I hate you, its because I am trying to keep you safe! DO NOT HOLD ON TO THE FRONT OF THE SADDLE.

    If you would like to tell me why my last request, (heels down, inside bend etc) is A. not appropriate B.not possible or C. that you already are doing said things, why do you need me?

    My job is to keep you safe, encourage your learning and bring you to use the best of your abilities. It is not to just repeat how wonderful you are.

    (would like to add, nothing makes me happier or gives me such as kick as to work with the kids!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by twofatponies View Post
    This from a lesson when I was a kid:

    When your pony is bolting and I holler "right rein" I mean turn the dang pony's head to the right, not wiggle your fingers in a vague little movement.

    I have to say as an adult, the most useful instructors I have had use measurements to indicate things. Not "raise your hands" but "raise your hands up 4 inches". I was years into re-rider lessons before a lovely instructor stood at the horse's head, took the reins in her hands as if she were the horse's mouth, and showed me exactly how much (or little) contact I should have with the horse's mouth. It was exceedingly enlightening!
    I do this with students--fairly frequently (especially with the ones who are just learning how to establish a connection, or ask for flexion...) As tfp says, it's *exceedingly* enlightening--for both the student AND for me!

    What *I* wish my students knew (apart from the fact that everything I ask them to do is intended to help them--and is in their best interest--though I think they actually DO know this ), is that it's OKAY (in fact *essential*) to REALLY put some strong squeezing pressure on that !@#$% outside rein, and to not be wimpy about it! As long as the connection remains elastic and sympathetic (and is not tight and locked down), it's okay to actually USE the dang thing! And STOP pulling down on the INSIDE rein, fer Pete's Sake!

    Sorry, but I think this is a pretty universal "instructor's pet peeve"...

    I saw a tee shirt advertised in a horsey catalog recently; there were two versions with two different "sayings" on the front, one for hunters and one for dressage. The hunter shirt said "Heels down; that will be $50". The dressage shirt said "More outside rein; that will be $50".
    "Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies."

    "It's supposed to be hard...the hard is what makes it great!" (Jimmy Dugan, "A League of Their Own")

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    I haven't changed my fees for quite awhile now. When I travel to your place to teach, must I wait til you cool out, untack and go find your checkbook. And also, I try very hard to be on time, in fact, I'm quite good at it, could you mange to be in the saddle when I get there? Or at least close to it?

    And blessings on those with whom I have neither of these problems.
    Some riders change their horse, they change their saddle, they change their teacher; they never change themselves.

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    My trainers wish I knew how to ride. Or even better, to ride the same way from one week to the next without developing a brand new bad habit in between!
    "I'm not always sarcastic. Sometimes I'm asleep."
    - Harry Dresden

    Horse Isle 2: Legend of the Esrohs LifeCycle Breeding and competition MMORPG

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