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Plastic colanders are great for skimming the top of the water trough.
I use an aquarium net but the colander sounds like a better idea!
Really? A shopvac for the horses? I may have to try that - how does it do on dried mud?
I'll be checking Dollar General for those rags too

My crossovers are:
*Corona ointment - unless you're allergic to lanolin it does a good job on winter-dry hands. I slather it on under non-latex gloves, put my warm gloves on top and as I work the Corona melts into my hands.

*Any liniment - gels are easiest to work with - works on me too - knees, elbows, shoulders, any place achy.

*I make a homemade brace of equal parts peppermint rubbing alcohol, Witch Hazel & mouthwash - all from the $1 store
If it's godawful hot out I sponge myself along with the horses.