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    Being a native southerner, I NEVER thought I'd have good things to say about extreme cold ... but it's grown on me, esp. this year.

    1) If you have a Birthday THISCLOSE to Xmas, that is always a negative. Therefore, since it was -4 on my B-day morning, then a -4 was righfully taken off my age~! (the side story is, we went to bed and it was -15 .... not a a snowball's chance of passing for 25 again, here!) ;

    2) It was -17 Friday morning here. Thought the thermometer was wrong but sure enough local TV channel confirmed it. The coolest thing is, the snow, which fell as a powder WAY EARLY LAST WEEK, is STILL IN POWDER FORM. It often falls as a powder, but then hardens on warmer (25) degree days. Well, with a high of 2 on Friday, everything is STILL powder. It's just GORGEOUS. Horses fluff it about and play like foals!

    3) When you bring in horses at night, there is no silliness - they are quiet as little meece and have this big, soft, relaxed eye ... so grateful to be in! In the morning, they are hilarious! ( "Shhh ... hold it down, boys! Hold your breath, don't move and make like a stall wall ... if she doesn't see us, maybe she'll forget we're in!" ).
    "If you don't know where you're going, you'll end up somewhere else."

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    Quote Originally Posted by enjoytheride View Post
    The plus side is that the overnight low of -15 means that the day's high of 15 feels like T shirt weather!
    Exactly! And today's high of 22 felt like a day at the beach! I actually groomed and tacked up with bare hands, and they didn't hurt! What a relief.

    My ticklish mare who normally fidgets when groomed stood stock-still in bliss when I took off her double blankets and gave her a good curry.

    Hopefully that's the last cold snap of the winter.

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    I've lived through 33 Canadian winters (well 32 - I've not yet made it through the whole of this winter) and I can tell you...... there's absolutely nothing good about it.

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