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    Jan. 10, 2008
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    Quote Originally Posted by FlashGordon View Post
    (Though admittedly I DO wish I could combine my guts/physical abilities from my teenage days with my knowledge now... I'd be one damn good rider... ha ha!)
    LOL--that would be the perfect combination for us all! I guess that's the toughest part about being a re-rider. I see the teenage riders at my barn who have spent years riding and have matured in the process, and now they have the experience on top of still having the guts, balance and muscle memory. And it makes me really regret how I didn't get an opportunity to ride when I was younger, because I think of how maybe that could have been me too--and I know that all the work I can put in is still not going to ever get me to that level now. But I do think that adults getting back into horses have a huge appreciation for a lot of things we'd take for granted had we had it easier earlier on. I am so proud of staying on over an 18" crossrail... (:

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    Well I didn't win the lottery, and I'm still depressed. While I enjoy watching kids develop as riders, it hurts like hell when they move up and I'm still stuck where I'm stuck. I know my horse is just as happy jumping 2'6" but I wanted a little more out of life this year.

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    I'm an adult re-rider after being out for hobby for 25yrs. I grew up riding H/Js and some dressage, but that had been a super duper long time ago!

    It's been difficult for me this winter, but I've been making every effort to get to the barn. I was out this past Saturday, and while it was too cold to ride, I did spend time with Pete and sharing the home treats I got from my SS , used a sledge hammer to break up the ice in the water troughs and pick up some of the trash that had been blown out in the pasture.

    I've taken 4 lessons so far and have 6 more paid for, so I have to start getting those done, now that the indoor arean has a round pen set up. There is a RH that has begun to ride Pete during the week, I purchased her a notebook and mechnical pencil to keep notes and it seems that Pete does not care much for the particular field he dumped me in this past summer. Because he attempted to dump the RH in the same field. *shrugs*

    I've managed to put on some weight, I'm seriously out of shape and I've had a rough season with illness and my balance is serverly suffering. But February is looking to be a reasonable winter month and I plan to be more deligent at spending time with Pete and finishing my lessons and beginning to take lessons on Pete.

    Take care fellow Re-riders..

    ~Kerri & Pete
    Chronicle of My Horse
    Secret Passage Ranch
    **a member of the
    Riders with Fibromyalgia & Adult Re-riders Clique

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    It is so good to hear from you all! We have not had a discussion in a long time! Sounds like most of us are in the same boat. Attempting to ride like we did in our glory days! I got a lot better when I was jumping and showing with gunnar and Bodie but it has been 5 years since I did that! so trying to be an eventer has been exciting but not good for my nerves. I do not currently ride enough to get over it! I hope come the end of Tax Season I can at least get in a couple rides a week!

    I have a few new pictures of Bodie and I!

    Oct 2008 HP:

    Nov 2007 RamTap:

    May 2007 Eventful Acres:

    Keep posting and lets not let these threads go so long in between!

    Rerider/Haydunker Clique

    RIP Barbaro, you were my hero!

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