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    Quote Originally Posted by LDavis104 View Post

    My fingertips F-R-E-E-Z-E QUOTE]

    Totally feel ya!
    I've had a tought time keeping my hands warm too! It was about 5 below on my last trip to the barn!
    I bought Heritage Extreme Winter gloves recently and they do a much better job of keeping the hands warm, but my finger tips still hurt/get cold. I've been debating a good liner, if I can find one at a local store as opposed to ordering. Unfortunately I am not going to be doing much riding this winter, but I still have to work him and be somewhat warm.
    I have the Heritage gloves too!
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    Default men's thinsulate lined gloves

    when it gets really cold i have been riding in just a pair of thick thinsulate lined gloves. i thought they would be too thick, but i dont even notice i have them on. i ride the same with them as i do without them on. i have my regular riding gloves in my pocket but end up wearing these gloves. my hands and fingers are so toasty warm that i actually end up taking them off towards the end of my ride.

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    I have Heritage gloves. I like them for lessons and hard schools. If I'm just having a fitness day or a stretch day, then I wear my calfskin gloves with lining. They are pretty warm.

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    SSG Winter Training Gloves!!!! I've tried everything else, and they work, you still have your sense of "feel". Minor break in time.
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    Look for OUTLAST material. Dover used to sell the "Outlast" liners. Anything I have ever bought with that material is super warm.

    Mountain Horse USED to carry an Outlast's a shame that they no longer carry them. I bought a Mountain Horse Outlast winter hat when Miller's had their closeouts years ago...and I really wished I had gotten the gloves.

    On the flip side....Roeckl winter gloves don't do much either. I was almost in tears when I was riding in 30 degree weather and had to pry my fingers off the reins....they were so numb that I was nauseous.

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    Default Mittens

    Love, Love Love the SSG riding mittens. I am always super cold AND I live in CANADA and for the first time in 20 years my hands are warm when I ride

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    You might have to give your hands some time to warm up.

    I love the SSG winter riding gloves. For the first 15 minutes or so my hands are freezing and gradually they warm up.
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    Default my gf lent me the riding mittens.

    they're obviously used so maybe that was the problem but the lining in them is thing and didn't do much at all to keep my hands warm today in 36F weather
    my pair should be in the mail shortly. if the liner is the same as in my gf's pair, i'm sending them back.

    i did try the winter ranchers on and they felt awesome! but the store only had the XL in stock. has anyone ridden in them? i'm not big on leather products but i'm also not big on frostbite
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    Here is a plug for Icebreaker merino wool from New Zealand: My friend swears by layering
    and she is a wildlife scientist who goes out in the middle of winter on field trips in GREENLAND, and not for just an hour or so! If I was shopping, I'd get some of their glove liners.

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