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    WOAH. I've only seen a few other helmets damaged worse than that....but of course, I WORKED for a helmet company (Charles Owen!). Of course, part of me wonders if it bent like that because of the type of material the outer skull is made of. If it had been a more conventional type material for the outer, it may not have bent - it may have cracked and looked a little less deformed (and would've protected the same).

    If I were in for a new helmet (and YOU definitely are!) I would consider the Charles Owen line. The JR8 and the Rider helmets are all made in adult sizes and are just "cheaper" versions. The JR8 is the same as a GR8 but the material used to cover the helmet is slightly cheaper, as is the harness. The Rider is a knock off of the Hampton (I believe!) and is also made with cheaper velvet and a nylon harness. The skeleton and guts of the helmets are still the same.

    I don't know much else about the other brands. I am a CO girl, through and through. Even though I no longer work there, I will more than willingly ride in their helmets. The amount of dedication to safety that the company puts in to their products is unprecendented....and THAT'S what helmets are all about - SAFETY!

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    I too recently killed my Tipperary helmet (in a lovely face-ground-hoof cross country incident). He was a good soldier. The replacement that I got was the Charles Owen Skull Cap. It is pretty much the safest thing out there. Not necessarily the prettiest though, hehe. I would definitely look at the Charles Owens as opposed to the IRHs. They're all certified but, working in a tack shop, I definitely prefer the COs from the stories I've heard. Like the above poster said, the JR8 is a nice little helmet and pretty much the same as the super popular GR8 except for the covering and harness.

    Then again, its whatever fits your head! Good luck and, once again, HOLY CRAP.
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    I am so glad you are ok and are shoping for a helmet.

    I have nothing to add on the helmet front. I have an international that I love but it isn't fancy at all. It is matte plastic so not really show ring appropriate in my book. Mine screams schooling helmet (not all matte plastic do).
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    WOW I am so glad you had that helmet on!

    I have an oval head as well (GPA, Troxel, IRH regular fit were too round). I have a GR8 that fits perfectly and is the most comfortable helmet I have ever worn. Also has all the safety certifications/I feel very safe riding in it. Like others have said, there is a cheaper model of the same helmet (JR8) and I think there is a less expensive velvet version as well. Good luck and just wow, it's so lucky that you are okay!
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    OMG I will NEVER EVER ride without a helmet

    Sometimes you have to put your foot down to get a leg up!

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