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    Quote Originally Posted by rainechyldes View Post
    I don't think so - but I'll definitely use such as an excuse from now on!

    And you only get bowed legs from holding your beer between your legs while driving a pickup. (sigh groan.. old joke I know ) I'm a redneck what can I say.
    snork - ahahahahhaha
    back to the topic. No I don't think it is the riding, maybe it is the breeches that cause the look.

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    down south


    I don't think so, I don't have wide hips and I'm 30 with a child and I ride alot!! Mainly dressage and jumping now. I have noticed that my butt is tighter though now, I think thats the dressage
    Horses aren't our whole life, but makes our life whole

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    it's not the edge of the earth, but you can see it from here


    Your husband is a very brave man. Most men with any sense know better than to say such a thing. I hope he has good life insurance
    Well, thankfully, some men LIKE that.
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    Default Not at my barn

    Quote Originally Posted by dalpal View Post
    We were at a barn Christmas party and my husband laughingly made a comment of.."In the sea of wide hips"....which I said..."what are you talking about"...."Havent' you noticed that all you ladies, who ride, have wide hips...
    Twenty boarders: small and tiny or tall and lanky -- except me. I am the lone wide hipped rider in my barn. And that's due to a combination of DNA and bonbons -- NOT from riding for 30 years.
    Proud Rubenesquestrian

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    I am still the same size in jeans that I was 20 years ago, and by all accounts, I have a stellar rear end. I have had children. I still like a narrow twist saddle. My *shoulders* have actually caught up with my hips, from all the trimming I do now. The position you trim in - basically, a squat - certainly cannot be hurting the rear view maybe between dressage, trimming and yoga to stretch it all out, this is the perfect workout!
    "Kindness is free" ~ Eurofoal
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    I've been riding since I was 7, I am now in my.... *ahem*.... early to mid 40's. No kids.

    I am thinner and maybe even narrower than when I was a teenager, so in my case the answer is no. Odd, because for most people it is the opposite. Not complaining though

    I do know that we do lose height as we age, something about the cartilage in between our spines compressing??? Cannot remember exactly, but something like that.

    Danceronice does make a great point, would think there might be some repercussions of riding during our formative years.

    I had the test for osteoporosis a few years ago and was diagnosed with mild osteopenia, which means there is some thinnng of the bones. I didn't go on any of the medications, or take more calcium. (I know, bad girl.) BUT I did ride more than I ever have. More days riding, jumping higher, longer lessens, more horses.)

    When I did my second test a month ago, my scores had improved! So just by riding I increased my bone density! (I don't go to the gym or any other thing like that.)

    I did decide to go on Fosteum, though, as the reality is that I am a prime candidate for osteoporosis later in life, as I am thin and small boned.
    I used to collect I collect horses...

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    Hips are not wider but my hip flexors are shot to hell.....
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