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    Quote Originally Posted by yellowbritches View Post
    One other thing I forgot to mention, and I'm now wondering if this has something to do with the change of ownership at Nutro...her waste is a LOT bigger in the last couple of months. This is another reason why I'm wondering if she'd do better on something else.
    They probably changed the formula and it has a lot more meals/fillers in it. That happened to me with Canidae when they changed their formulas.

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    I don't think canines are really that bad off not having meals at regular times--they're carnivores at heart, they eat when they can.

    I remember "curing" my friend's purebred puppy of a poor appetite (they decided free feeding was best, which quickly devolved in to HAND-feeding) in one weekend. They were AMAZED how the critter ate ravenously after missing a couple of meals. No way I was hand-feeding a dog!
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    My dogs eat Ole Roy at supper time. If they don't eat then, they wait until the next supper time. They'll eat when they get hungry.

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