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    Mar. 9, 2007

    Default 12 free Arabians - Kentucky

    This came across another list I am on....these are not my horses, I'm merely crossposting it here in case anyone is interested. The contact info is at the end of the message:

    Arabian Horses in Kentucky FREE

    For medical reasons, my husband and I are dispersing our herd immediately.
    We are giving away FREE 12 purebred Arabians. They MUST be moved before the end of January or I'll have to send them to a stockyard. We will have no choice.

    Please email me privately for extended pedigrees. Time is of the essence. No comments, please, about the stockyard. After 35 years of creating a wonderful gene pool and beautiful, athletic horses, my first priority now has to be my husband who was just diagnosed with an aggressive terminal illness. The last few months we expect to have together will have to take priority over the horses and we hope to find them good homes in the next two weeks. It is our hope that anyone reading them will spend their energy helping find placements rather than being critical of the alternative we may be forced to take.

    I have the pedigrees in .jpeg format, or anyone can look them up in the DataSource as well. None are broken to ride, though a couple have had some professional halter training. They are all quality breeding stock and some would make phenomenal show horses.

    All the horses are located on my farm in central KY. They are all free to approved homes. I'll try to have all their pedigrees on my Web page shortly at www.dunaventarabian I cannot pay for Coggins and health papers on any of them, or pay for shipping them for people. We have enough expenses with feeding them for the rest of the month and paying for medical expenses for my husband's illness. I have already taken extended medical leave from both my jobs.

    At this point I guess it will be "first come, first served" to get them moved. You will see G Silk Boy figures prominantly in the pedigrees. He was a US and Canadian Top Ten in performance and the last son at stud in the U.S. of the phenomenal US and Canadian Top Ten *Muscat daughter Amber Silk. G Silk Boy was sired by *Menes and was 75% Russian.

    Here's the list:

    Mares & Fillies:

    PF Mirada, AHR#460022, 1989 mare (*Mikado/RMS Wind Song, by Sahara Dancer), last registered foal by US National Champion Park Horse *Mikado, very athletic, out of Gazon granddaughter. Sahara Dancer was a Regional Champion halter stallion himself.

    PF Phantastyka, AHR# 617364, 2000 bay mare (Phantoms Heir/Skarlett Silk, by G Silk Boy), Sweepstakes breeding entry, by halter-winning son of US National Champion SH Phantom Echo, out of 50% Russian halter-winning mare

    Psatinique, AHR# 635987, 2007 grey mare (Super Psyche/PF Autumn Mist, by Autumn Seance), professionally halter trained, out of daughter of US National Champion Futurity Stallion Autumn Seance (by Gai Seance) and 50% Russian mare

    Cold Smoke DA, AHR# 617052, 2004 grey mare (Flames/Ptatiana, by *Ptersk), 81.25% Russian, by straight Russian *Menes son

    PF Autumn Mist, AHR# 617017, 2001 bay mare (Autumn Seance/Mkalyns Menesilk, by G Silk Boy), Sweepstakes breeding entry, 25% Russian

    Alices Star DA, AHR #614247, 2004 bay mare (G Silk Boy/Romantyka, by Fan Tastik), Sweepstakes breeding entry, 50% Russian

    PF Silk Mirage, AHR #609571, 2000 bay mare (G Silk Boy/PF Mirada, by Mikado++), Sweepstakes breeding entry, 37.5% Russian, very athletic and pretty. Will make super WP mare.

    PF Escalada, AHR# 609151, 2001 bay mare (G Silk Boy/PF Mimosa Bey, by PGN Applause+/), Sweepstakes breeding entry, 37.5% Russian, out of daughter of PF Mirada. Has National Champions and Top Tens G Silk Boy, Amber Silk, Mikado++, Kaiyoum++, and *Muscat in first 3 generations, and *Bask, *Bay-Abi++, Tornado, Salon, Priboj, Arax, and Khemosabi+++ +// in 4th generation.

    Romantyka, AHR# 342570, 1985 chestnut mare (Fan Tastik/Orions Candice, by Staleys Orion), *Nariadni granddaughter, showing her age, but foaled nice filly in August 2008 at age 23!

    Unnamed August 2008 chestnut filly (PF Silks Legacy/Romantyka, by Fan Tastik), US National Futurity nominated


    PF Silks Legacy, AHR #610445, 2003 bay (Gai Shahnee/Skarlett Silk, by G Silk Boy), Sweepstakes breeding entry, sired by Supreme Halter champion son of Bey Shah who is a full sister to US National Champion Futurity Mare Gai Anastahshah.

    Psuper Psylk, AHR# 635991, 2007 grey (Super Psyche/Skarlett Silk, by G Silk Boy), Padron Psyche grandson, 37.5% Russian, by grandson of Gai Parada, professionally halter trained.

    Thank you for your consideration. Please email me privately at or

    Billie S. Dunavent
    Dunavent Arabians

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    Jul. 12, 2008
    Louisville, KY

    Default The horses have all been adopted

    The horses have all been adopted. This was just received at another group I am a member of regarding the free arabian horses:


    From the owner... "First I want to thank everyone for their offers of help and support and especially for the prayers for my husband and me. Several asked about his terminal illness: he has just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that has already spread to his liver and lungs. I have taken extended medical leave of absence from both my jobs and of course he is on medical leave from his.

    I have received 144 emails at this writing about the horses that I posted to this venue about 36 hours ago. All the horses are committed to good homes and over half of them were already picked up yesterday. I met several new people who I hope will become new friends.

    I have not had a chance to even read all the emails, let alone answer them, but PLEASE DO NOT CALL as the phone rang constantly yesterday and we already received 3 phone calls before 9 AM this morning. Though I appreciate your interest in the horses, my husband needs his rest and the calls are disrupting that. I don't want to have to take my phone off the hook in case of an emergency with my 80-year-old mother-in-law or if my husband's medical clinic tries to reach us.

    Also I understand that several people cross-posted my original email to various other sites. I only placed the email on two Yahoo! groups, The_Arabian_ Horse_Classified s and RAH. But I have heard from people who saw it on ablackhorse. com and various other places, and multiple "rescue" and "rehoming" organizations have been in touch.

    PLEASE FORWARD THIS EMAIL TO ANYONE YOU FORWARDED THE ORIGINAL TO and call everyone you called in the first place to let them know the horses are gone.

    Again, thanks to everyone for their help and support. Please keep us in your prayers.

    Billie S. Dunavent
    Dunavent Arabians

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