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    One of my co-workers asked if she could bring her kids to ride... I told her, "It depends, how much do you like your kids?" The proceeded to tell her that they hadn't been ridden in quite a while & at the moment I don't have anything kid safe or bombproof. I told her that if she'd like she can certainly bring her kids to see the horses... I actually love when my friends meet my horses. It's so cool to see non-horse people interact and most people have no idea how much personalities horses can have and how friendly they can be. Rainbows & Mourning Doves Blog
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    Quote Originally Posted by camohn View Post
    there are just incredibly rude people out there wherever you are!

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    I had a coworker a few years ago that wanted to come to my farm and put her 2 year old on my young horse. So I said you do remember this is the horse that got overly fresh one day and broke my wrist causing me to be in a cast for a few months...and I am a rider. She said oh, maybe the 2 year old child can just pat the horse on the nose then. So I say that any time coworkers ask.

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    If they are polite and ask, not assume, I may be inclined for them to come out and pet him, give him treats, watch me ride and hang out. That's fine. But really, as sad as it is, we live in a litigation happy world. Wavers do diddly squat- and the word of an amateur owner against someone else would be tricky. Even if you're just doing pony rides, something COULD happen. Call me a worry wart, but really, I couldn't afford being sued. If it was a close friend or family member, probably I'd do a pony ride, but not for a complete stranger or a co-worker I barely knew. hell no. and depending on how rude or polite they ask, that's what they get in return.

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