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    Thumbs up Kelty Backpack carrier!!!

    I could not live wihtout this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pricey yes around $150 for the nice one BUT has sun visor, bug cover, can still much stalls hay all that stuff and baby is out of the way unlike one of the front carriers Baby Bjorn waste o f$$(which they had also both out grew in a heartbeat) but they where both 10 lbs when born!! Lucky me at only 5 ft.!!!! but the Kelty carrier also EASILY adjust for even my husband whom is 6ft 4 in!!!! It's got a pouch for sell phone, bottle can even have a storage compartment on it that comes off for all the other goodies you gotta carrie with baby intow. lol
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    When my son was newborn I had those baby monitors, so he could be in the house sleeping and I could go down to the barn and be able to hear him. So staying in the house til Daddy got home is just down right silly.
    I had the Baby Bjorn, it was okay but I felt like he was going to fall out when I leaned over using the pitch fork. But I would defenitely suggest some sort of wearable carrier. Especially knowing she isn't riding, she could hang out with her oldie all day with a carrier.
    A small portable swing would be great too, as long as her horse isn't spooky same goes for the saucer thing. Saying that, my horses where afraid of both at first but got over it pretty quick.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mayhew View Post
    Can't you just leave the baby in the house while you visit your horse? If it is in the backyard, you'll be able to see if the house catches on fire or something. That's what I would do. That's probably also why I don't have any babies.
    Well, I can NOW because my baby is 11. But when he was younger, he just couldn't be left. Not all babies are the same. Not all babies sleep. Not all babies can be without momma.

    I did do the sling thing, and it was a real life saver -- but not for the barn. (It killed my back just to stand upright, nevermind doing barn work, and nevermind the Texas heat! Unthinkable.)

    Having a baby was hard on my relationship with this horse, no two ways about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pintopiaffe View Post
    I completely, utterly lost my horsey best friend when she had her first child. I sort of understand the demand and absoulte infatuation and love for the new life she bore...

    But she couldn't even hold a coherent conversation, not to mention a horsey one. I missed her desperately for the first year, then, sadly, moved on...
    LOL! I've lost every one of mine, too, even the non-horsey ones. No gadget or stroller seems to help, really. So sad. Maybe they will resurface in a few more years... I continue to hope.

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