OK I feel horrid but I am giving up on Gator and am offering to someone else who wants to try.
Gator is a bottle baby. He was a dummy foal that I worked very hard to save. (tubed, plasma, IV's etc) Unfortunately he has never done well. I currently put a blanket on him and hide him. He is probably still a BCS of 2. I've tried multiple feeds, suppliments, hays, probiotics etc and I have not been able to make him presentable.
He is very very very friendly, a little mouthy (hints the name Gator) but not pushy. You can do anything with him and he doesn't spook at anything. He is a cute mover, sound and will probably stay a large pony. He is black (actually a smokey black) with no markings. He has good feet.
He is now coming two (Feb 2) and I am giving up. If anyone is enterested in a project he is available. If not I will try to give him a little more time. I'd post pictures but I am embarrassed and that is why I hide him.
I'm about 20 minute south of Roanoke.