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    Mar. 6, 2008
    West Sussex, UK

    Red face Sweetest horse ever seeking perfect hacking and "fun stuff" home - located in NoVa.

    As much as it kills me to part with my best friend, I can only afford one and I'm very young and very ambitious. Ugh, money. Ugh, life.
    Danny is nine years old, 15.2hh, reg. Appaloosa but entirely spotless. I brought him down from Maine when I came down to be a working student for Phyllis Dawson, but he just hates the intense training. I got him from a bad situation and when a lot of pressure is put on him he "shuts down", either stopping dead or getting very fussy with his head. He also really doesn't like the bit - this stems from bad experiences, and I feel guilty trying to make him accept something that he is sure will hurt him. I ride him in a Dr Cook bitless bridle (but heck, a halter and lead ropes work too ) and he's great in that. He is a lively, fun guy, will hack all over the place without a spook, and has the BEST personality ever on the ground. His ground manners are impeccable, small children can turn him out in the morning and pick out his feet He ground ties, loves mints and cuddles, has never bitten or kicked, and is just a sweetheart. Danny absolutely wants someone who will spoil him, love on him, and then hop on him for a relaxing ride through the woods.
    He's also quite the cute little jumper, however I highly doubt he'll be a competitive horse - I've never shown him, but I think it would be too much for him. He does love to jump though, and is very fun, so would be good for someone who likes to jump just recreationally. You can also put little kids on his back for "baby lessons"; he definitely understands the difference between an adult and a small child. He's the perfect horse and will ONLY go to a home where he will be fat, happy, healthy, and LOVED. It's also important to me that whoever he ends up with is willing to keep in touch occasionally so I know he's okay, and I'd love to be able to visit once in a while. This horse completely changed my life and made the 10 times better of a rider and I can't just forget about him!
    If you're interested, please email me -
    I have LOTS of pics etc if you want them

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    andi717 Guest

    Default Danny

    I trail ride on Gettysburg Battlefield in PA and Danny sounds like he might like that. If you haven't placed him yet, I would love to get some pics if he is still available. Thanks, Andi

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    Jul. 13, 2008


    Im in Purcellville and looking for a buddy for my girl at our new barn, and a trail buddy as well. Might have the perfect situation for you! Sent you an email! Let me know if you do/dont get it!

    Would love to see pictures too!
    Crayola Posse~Aquamarine
    Love vs Money...for the love of my horse, I have no money!

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    Aug. 17, 2008
    Snowflake AZ


    Has Danny found his new home yet?

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    Dec. 14, 2005
    Just east of Short Hill Mtn.


    Bumping to check if this guy has been placed. I have a friend who might be interested in him...
    "Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." - Confucious
    <>< I.I.

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    Mar. 22, 2007


    I've e-mailed you. Did you get it?
    "In the beginning, the universe was created. This made a lot of people angry and has widely been considered as a bad move." -Douglas Adams

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