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    Wow, thanks for all the replies!!! Just to reiterate, she is NOT looking to buy at the moment, just trying to look for horses she likes so she can get an idea on budgeting for the spring.

    - She likes SANE arabs and morgans best, not really into appy or paint, but a good horse is a good horse so she wont throw any ot the window based on breed. Preference is a registered arab or morgan though.
    - Does NOT need to do everything at a high level. Should know HOW to jump small fences without tearing off or bucking or being an idiot. Lead changes. Should be trail-friendly. Should be broke enough to do some lower level schooling dressage. Again, doesnt have to be a winner at anything, but must be able to actually DO the deed!
    - not small, but not huge she likes 15.2 - 15.3...but of course, like I said above, smaller or bigger doesnt matter if the horse is great. She is 5'8 so nothing too short.
    - SANITY - meaning, may get a 5 days off in a row, and needs to be sane when she gets back on. Not too spooky (but doesnt need to be dead either)

    Maybe we will need to broaden search horizones once the time comes...doesnt seem to be much like this in or area at the moment.

    Would it be best to go to breeders if she was wanting an arab or morgan??

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    Could be good to find the local breeder boards, like the New York State Morgan site, and post what you're looking for there. Breeders will probably have a good idea if something might be available. Good luck.
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    I think what your friend needs is a 12-15 YO horse who was some pony clubber's horse for a few years...has had the snot ridden out of it...seen everything, done everything....

    My mare had that kind of upbringing (I've had her since she was born and I was 12) She just has lots and lots of miles on her. She wasn't "this way" at the beginning....took years of training. Miles.

    But again....think about those criteria....she wants a jack of all trades, sane, can be pulled out the pasture after a break and be just the same as if the horse were being ridden daily, etc etc. you're looking for a saint of a horse.

    these horses surely DO exist...but they don't get sold much! You kind of have to make your own and when you do, you keep them forever. Else, you pay big money.

    Good luck!
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    With the bad economy, some folks with nice horses that might be available are holding on to them hoping the market improves. Unless folks need to sell, they are not trying to move anything in this economy. That means you might be able to look to horses at a higher price! Check up to $9 or 10k, if folks need to sell and know he's going to a grat home, they may deal.
    I also think that people have figured out to "niche market" their horses. They think they can get more by advertising him as a specialist rather than a jack of all trades type. Then you look and see "eventer" or "hunter" and not "all round good egg" for trail/show/pleasure.
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    I am so lucky. My girl shows 1.15m jumpers, does dressage with my partboarder, carts my husband over crossrails, trail rides and is starting some eventing jumping. I posted a pic under the thread GM for a day in the H/J forum.If I was marketing her though, I would focus on her ring success as a jumper, so perhaps I would miss out on someone interested in more. Good luck with your search.

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    Sellers can't market an "all-arounder", because buyers are usually looking for a narrow specification. It's like not choosing a major in college and instead going just to "learn".

    The translation for the buyer? You need to do your homework and take the time to look at individual horses, ask lots of questions about what they have had done, and decide yourself if the horse fits what you are looking for.

    P.S. Set whatever price range you wish, whether it be $1500-$2500 or $10k or $30k, and you will find a horse that fits your needs in whatever price range you wish to spend.

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    Just thought I would mention that I am 5'8" and my Morgans are 15.0 and 14.2 or 14.3 (haven't measured him in a while). I do not look too big for them, nor do they feel too small for me.

    Also, whoever said that Morgans ride bigger than they actually are is 100% correct. I have been on 16+ hand horses that felt smaller.

    Starting with breeders may be a good idea, but don't rule out looking at "homebred" Morgans or smaller breeders. This is where you will more often find the old line/foundation Morgans that are being suggested, and they usually have a lower price tag, too. The guy I rode with back home found all his Morgans through "backyard" (not in the Fugly horse sense) breeders. Of course, his horses were all unbroke when he got them, but I think the average price he spent on them is about $1000 - $1500. My horses were $500 and $2000 when he originally bought them (I got them from him).
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    There might be some low-level eventers for sale that fit the bill. I was looking at a 8 year old Canadien that had been pushed too far too fast and had to go back from Training to Novice, while the owner wanted to advance. There was bad blood between the owner (who had done the pushing) and my trainer and the owner wouldn't sell to me.

    Except for age, my 24 year old TB mare definitely meets those criteria. She of course is not for sale.

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