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    Question Changing a horse's name. Have you done it?

    I do not like my horse's name she came with. Her name is Grace. I like the name just fine and a friend of mine has a daughter named Grace and it is a perfect and beautiful name for her. But it is just not right for my mare. But it feels kind of dorly to just start calling her something else and telling the barn owner where she lives to change her name. What do you think? Leave it alone? Or pick her a name that really fits her?
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    Pick a new name. She's a horse, so doubt she cares at all what her name is.

    I have changed names on both of my horses. My first was AQHA registered as Bugs Lady Luv and her breeders called her Lovie....ick. I never changed her registered name, but I showed her as Cheyenne Autumn and her barn name was Autumn.

    My 2nd horse was Curb Appeal, barn name, Kirby. I changed his barn name to Grady.

    My friend has a paint who was called Lacie, she changed her barn name to Gracie.
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    Changed my mare's name from "Suuuuunshiiiiiine" to Casey. She pins her ears and ignores you if you try to call her Sunshine in the nasally way her previous owner said it.
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    My current horse came with "ABC". Huh? He's now happily "Buddy". Took me a couple of weeks to figure it out, but he's definitely a Buddy. His show name is "Training Wheels".

    Cairo (previous horse) was "Kayro" when he came, and raced under "Mr J. T." (or something like that).

    Red Alert came with "Red", but he raced under "Bronze Copper" (which was a fair description of his color, but...).

    Anyway, they don't much care, as long as you bring the treats.

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    I have no problems with changing a totally unsuitable name. My CB/Trak cross, who is sort of a dressage version of Annie Oakley in a horse suit - you can just see her prancing around the pasture announcing to the world, "Anything you can do, I can do BETTER!" - came to me with a registered name of Beau's Bonnie Babe and a stable name of Bonnie. Of all the mares I have ever known, I think this one is the LEAST suitable for the name Bonnie. I've had some good friends who were Bonnies, and I've known one horse it fit very well, so nothing against the name. But not this horse.

    She is now Cadence, answers to Kate, and loves it. I simply told trainer (who had been agent) and former owner within a few days of the transaction that I had changed her name. Trainer's response: "That's the PERFECT name for her."

    Bonnie. I still can't believe that. This lofty, extravagant mover with a more than ample dose of attitude was called Bonnie.

    Change the name and just tell others you changed it.

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    Sep. 26, 2008


    my horse came with the barn name of Jr, did not fit him so changed it to Warrior which really doesn't fit his slightly wimpy personality but matches his registered name much better.

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    I've changed the name of pretty much every horse I've ever owned. The horse doesn't care.

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    Oliver's registered name is Loewenherz, and they called him Loewe or Louie. I changed it to Oliver even before I brought him home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gayla View Post
    I do not like my horse's name she came with. Her name is Grace. I like the name just fine and a friend of mine has a daughter named Grace and it is a perfect and beautiful name for her. But it is just not right for my mare. But it feels kind of dorky to just start calling her something else and telling the barn owner where she lives to change her name. What do you think? Leave it alone? Or pick her a name that really fits her?
    If you're going to change it, my advice is to change it quickly and assertively. I've known a few people who gingerly changed their horses' names a few weeks after purchasing them and years later, my friends STILL call the horses by their old names

    In a perfect world, I'd always keep a horse's name or gently modify it, but sometimes horses simply have awful names.

    On the other hand, even the strangest names sound normal after a while. I thought Alibar was an oddball name but it totally grew on me and I really liked it.

    A boarder at my barn had a mare named Piglet and after a few weeks, I was able to say her name without giggling

    Good luck with whatever you choose and congratulations on your new mare.
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    I changed my girl's name. When I bought her, her barn name was Princess. My trainer actually told me the only way she would let me bring her home, is if I promised to change her name immediately. Now, she does think she is a princess, and that name does fit her, and I do often say to her "How's my princess???" BUT Bailey fits her much better.

    Her registered name is Oka No Marker...yea, that would work in the hunter ring... so the first few shows I took her to, I called her Bailey, until I came up with Finders Keepers.

    That all being said... I cannot for certain say that all of her near disasters and bad luck have NOT been caused by the name change since I purchased her...
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    Dumplin' is staying Dumplin' it suits him perfectly because he is my little squishy dumply-man
    I Loff My Quarter Horse & I love Fenway Bartholomule cliques

    Just somebody with a positive outlook on life...go ahead...hate me for that.

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    May. 9, 2007


    Since one of my horses came to me with the name 'Dink' and another 'Didler' umm yes I changed them.
    Since we buy/sell alot of horses coming up with good names can be hard. We went for a regional bend for awhile (naming them after the county they came from).
    We bought a lovely clyd/tb 2 yr old froma mennonite once. When we inquired after his name, the fellow sad 'Oh he's got no name'. We should have called him 'America', but he became 'Winter Solstice' since I bought him on Dec. 21 (and he was a very light grey)

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    Feb. 8, 2004
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    I don't change a horse's registered name, however much I might not like it. If you ever sell the animal, it'd be hard to trace its whereabouts if his/her name changes every time someone gets a wild hair up their bum.

    Barn names? Yeah, go ahead and change 'em. I changed Mack's name from Mick. He LOOKS like a Mack, and it's close enough to Mick that he answers to it.

    Cloud and Casper will keep their barn names, even though I'm going to have Cloud registered without the name "Cloud" anywhere in his registered name. Haven't yet decided what it'll be, but I have a few possibilities.

    Cloud's show name will be his registered name. It's always amused and confused me in equal parts, when people give their horses show names different from their registered names.
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    I have often changed show names. The ASHA doesn't recognize it if you show a horse in anything other than their registered name, but, as they are seldom recognizing anything that I do with ASB sport horses, it has never been an issue.

    Now, barn names, I am funny about changing. If I buy or adopt a horse who doesn't come with a nickname, I'll usually make one up from their registered name,if I know it. Poizen is Zoni, Borealis is Bo, Aurora Blue is Rory, etc. If I call out to the horses in a given paddock, by their name, they will respond by name- in other words, the whole group will only come if I call all of them, generally.

    I have a couple of horses who came directly from the breeders, who had nicknames when they came, that have nothing to do with their registered names. I've never changed those, either. Now, I do have silly pet names for a number of them, and they do respond to those. Poor things!
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    Sep. 23, 2003


    I changed both my horse's show name and barn name but veeerrrryyy slooowwwwwllly. Moose had been called Legs and/or Junior by his old owner. I was never going to call him Junior because a) I haven't known him since foalhood and b) it sounds like what you would call some bratty little human child. Legs was never a name that thrilled me, so now that I've realized that he is definitely a Moose, I only call him that when I'm pissed with him. My dad still uses it, though.

    I'd had him for two years before I changed his show name - his JC name, F.T. Strawberry Wine. Good God what a mouthful, but then again I like one word names. So now he shows as Acheron. Which sounds like "Akron" if the announcer is talking too fast but I don't think the beastie really minds that much.

    So yes ... change it, she's your horse!
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    The miniature mare I got last spring came with the name Tiny. I rolled my eyes at her and apologized that she had been called an adjective for X amount of years. Later on that day my mom suggested that we call her Tina, but I had to be a cool kid and spell it Teena .

    Has anyone noticed horses living up to their names?

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    I"ve changed them. so i don't see why you couldnt.

    Angel, my ottb didn't come with a name, and i later found out (got her jc papers) that her reg. name is alianza. We had been calling her Angel since i bought her, and she answered to that immediately.

    Whimsey also was nameless (auction purchase) as far as i know being that she was supposedly a PMU baby.

    Sebastian another auction baby was also nameless.

    My horse Pippin his owners were calling "Shivers" which umm...yea not going to happen.

    Cowboy has always been cowboy so that will stay (bought him from my friend who named him. but it suits his personality).

    My sale horses came with names that i changed. Remy was "Popeye" (ugh), i couldnt think of a name and then i gor Remy. Went home, walked over to his paddock and yelled "remy" at him. He came up and over to that (lol) so that was his name.

    Shamus, was being called "Chico" another ugh name. When i brought him home, and was riding him the first time, the radio in my head started to play "when irish eyes are smiling" and Shamus popped into my head after that. lol. so that is where his name came from. (granted my mom yelled at me for not spelling his name correctly, but that is ok)
    And he had really pretty blue eyes


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    Go ahead and change it.
    We get auction horses, and have no idea what their names are/were.

    Horses living up to their names: Oh Ya.....XENA warrior princess!! QH X Arabian, FRISKY a hackney pony just seething ponytude. Work her daily you are OK, give her a break, look out , HEIDIPRINZ, a registered trakaner who we call Prinz....calm cool collected, wants his food delivered on time, and will accept hugs kisses and treats.

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    I got my first horse when I was 13. He came with the name Hillbilly & called Bill. At the time, I simply could not be seen riding a horse English with such an awful name *cue dramatic music* He became Sir William & I called him Will.

    I sold him 6 years later & the family went back to calling him Bill. I still can't see how you can call a horse you love a word for something you hate to get, especially since he was always healthy!

    I bought him back from them 11 years later & went back to calling him Will until he died two years ago. He was a character. Looking back on it, Hillbilly did suit him, but never "Bill." Blech.

    My other horses fit the both their barn & registered names very well.
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    Default Kind of wish I had...

    Mine is a lovely animal....but came with the name Harry! I sometimes wish I changed it but it does fit his goofy persona. Plus I get grief for mispronouncing it "Hairy" instead of "Hahrry" -- I have a funny accent I guess.

    But, if you don't like it change it. She will recognize your voice, not what you're calling her. I know, cause my horse responds to all *kinds* of things!!!
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