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    Jan. 8, 2007


    I have a blog that is about my life, in which the horses factor largely, but not solely. In it I tell stories about adventures with horses and friends, the loss of loved ones horse, cat, dog and human, vent about work, celebrate and somtimes gripe about friends. It is the whole enchilada, though I don't post as regularly as I would like. I also have to admit that I am not tech savvy enough to know how to post photos, so it is shy on images.

    It is called "A Stable Personality" and can be found at

    Fell free to leave comments should you visit.

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    Jul. 18, 2004
    Red Bank, NJ


    After losing Alibar in September, I started a blog to chronicle my reflections on Alibar's legacy. I also write about my adventures in photography, the world of horse racing, and I keep a riding journal. I log every ride and many of my photo shoots. I've also met a lot of great people online through the blogging community- check out my blogroll for some of my faves. Over the next few months, I hope to give a detailed account of my life with Alibar, from the beginning to the end.

    Best of luck with your blog- the more you write, the more rewarding it is.
    Sarah K. Andrew | Twitter | Blog | Horses & Hope calendar | Flickr | Website

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    There are 150+ blogs listed on Horse Bloggers.

    And everyone is welcome to add their blogs to the site -- they don't have to be exclusively horse-related, so long as they consistently post about horses.

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    Oct. 18, 2002


    I have one. I'm blogging about my new horse; he's actually my first horse! I try to log about most of my rides, and I do update fairly frequently.

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    Mar. 13, 2006


    Yup... in my signature line -

    And it's a funny story involving an regrettable tatoo that the name came from

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    Jun. 11, 2006
    Berryville, VA


    Member of the "I Ride A Chestnut Thoroughbred Mare, So You Don't Scare Me Clique"

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    Jun. 24, 2005

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    Oct. 8, 2002


    Mine's in my signature too. Well, technically it's not mine, but CANTER's, LOL It started out as being exclusively about Rosey, one of the horses available for adoption (and also the star of the Washington Post article) but since she's having some time out, I write a little about the other horses in the program, the new guy I'm riding now, and visits to the track, etc, too. Working on a new entry now that should be up later today (sorry, not a fun one this time)

    There are other canter horse blogs too: (this one is written by Jleegriffith, about the guys she has up at her place for training and placement) (this by lisamarie8, about woody, who is now officially HER horse! yay!)

    There's also the not-updated which may be starting back up soon if I have the energy. He was adopted out into the perfect home, until he apparently became allergic to it So he's back for now, but out at the rest farm, so there hasn't been much to update on other than his expanding girth.
    "smile a lot can let us ride happy,it is good thing"

    My CANTER blog.

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    Oct. 31, 2006


    Be's got a blog because, well, she's cool like that I guess. She's three things that terrify a lot of people; chestnut, thoroughbred, and a mare.

    When we do things, I blog them It's in my sig.

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