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    Sep. 25, 2005
    The Land of the Frozen


    Quote Originally Posted by mandalea View Post
    A friend of mine had an old top load washing machine in her barn. When she went to wash the cotton rugs, there was HUNDREDS of mice. So, she grabbed the cat, stuck him in, shut the lid, and within an hour, all the little bast*rds were dead =]
    That's hilarious!

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    May. 26, 2005
    Houston TX


    A thought for catching and not killing outright. Could one donate the mice to a wildlife rehabber - for creatures that eat mice - what - wolves and birds of prey?

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    May. 20, 2005
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    Worth asking your local wildlife rehabber!

    I can see a little problem, though. You might want to have a "herd" of mice to "donate". I can just see someone coming day after day with one or two mice in live traps.

    "Here's a mouse."

    "Here's another mouse."

    "Hey, look! Today I have two mice!"

    Also, didn't somebody earlier in the thread tell a story about frozen mice she was delivering to a friend for her reptiles? Why not just freeze them and take them to the rehabber when you have a bunch? Not for the faint of heart, obviously.

    I hate mice. Wouldn't have a problem with it.

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    Apr. 7, 2007
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    Ew, we had mice last year. I wouldn't mind them (they are kinda cute in their little mousey ways) but they are so...unsanitary...they just can't stay. We put down those sticky traps. First night, I wake up because a mouse is caught and leaping around attached to the sticky pad, trying to escape. He made quite a racket! Second mouse. Third night, again no mouse. Something much, much worse was stuck to the pad - a GIANT, hairy spider. And I HATE SPIDERS. God that was terrible. I threw away the traps after that because I was so traumatized. Never did catch that other mouse; I heard him scurrying around for a few days and then he either died or left on his own accord.

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    Dec. 21, 2008
    V.A. in an old house with an old barn


    Luckily we don't seem to have any mice in the house with 4 cats, but I do have one living in the spare truck! I already caught 3 of the FAT little beasts and have at least one left. It had a nice little stash of winter food under a jacket and was sleeping in the center console. Since we never use this truck anymore I want to sell it, but I still have to clean it up and get it inspected. I don't mind mice when I can see them or escape the general mouse area, but in the close quarters of a single cab small truck I'm a wuss.

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    Jul. 20, 2008


    I cant remember who it was, but somebody mentioned peppermint oil..?

    Well, I gave it a go yesterday, and scrubbed my shelf (has ALL my tack, except my saddle) in it, then scrub my containers with warm water, with a generous amount of peppermint in it..

    Going to go feed the horses soon, so hopefully it worked, because it rained last night, so all the little miceys would have come inside.
    Last edited by mandalea; Jan. 16, 2009 at 10:17 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by equusvilla View Post
    "SLAP - SLAP - SLAP!!"
    The sound jolted me out of a deep sleep.
    "SLAP - SLAP - SLAP"
    I looked over at Don and his eyes were wide open too. I threw back the covers and ran out into the kitchen ...only to find our Corgi had a sticky trap on her front foot! I must have left the pantry door open and she found the cheese bait, ate it and in the process stepped onto the trap!
    We had to lay her down and pull - with all of our might - to get that thing off of her foot. She was none too happy about it either, thinking we were trying to remove her nails instead of trimming them (which she HATES!) In a comic like fashion, the glue stretched way out before it finally broke loose and even then, her foot still stuck to the wood floor! Thank you so much to the poster who advised that veggie oil removes this substance! That is the only way I was able to remove it from the floor!! As for Chrissy - our dog, we had to put a small piece of paper towel on her paw to keep her from tracking it all over the house!
    HAHAHA, My Husky, Allie got stuck to one. She got stuck with her face.....

    Not a happy dog:

    We used GooGone to get it out of her coat. Worked like a charm.
    "Farriers are the hairdressers of the horse world. They know everything about everybody..."-Lildunhorse

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