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    Thumbs up Feedback to wanna-be Buyers

    For those of you that think someone, anyone is going to ship an item without being paid, only proves how stupid and insuting you are. Don't say you've paid if you haven't ... following money via the Internet is easy.
    Many years ago I was told by an employee of mine, Manners are Free.
    There's always something, don't get caught off guard.

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    Feedback to wanna-be sellers...

    When you agree to sell a "like new" shirt to a buyer, who then IMMEDIATELY sends you a PayPal payment in the exact agreed to amount (you agreed to accept PayPal), and puts "like new shirt" in the subject of the PayPal payment-- don't suddenly storm off in a huff because you're somehow insulted that a buyer would dare put any information in the subject of the PayPal payment. Once you've agreed to sell an item and the buyer has paid, in full, it's rude and obnoxious to reneg on the agreement because you have some previously undisclosed hangup about PayPal/eBay and you take insult from ridiculous things that no rational person would view as an insult.

    Honestly, I have never in my life dealt with a seller as irrational as you-- who would refuse to accept payment in full, made promptly, because the buyer accurately described the items in the subject of the payment. Manners might be free, but so is common sense?!
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