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    glennthegeek2 Guest

    Default Christmas Traditions with Your Horse

    Hi all,

    We are recording the Christmas episode of the Stable Scoop Radio Show today and were wondering if any of you have certain things you do with your horses on Christmas. Special meals, special rides you take... anything like that.

    Let us know and we will try to include a few in the show.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas!

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    Jan. 2, 2008
    Montgomery County, MD


    I just go out to the barn and do either morning or afternoon feeding/blanketing/sweeping so that the stable staff can spend the day with their families.

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    May. 28, 2006


    Every Christmas morning, I take a bucketful of carrots and apples and candy canes, and sit and talk/pet/hang out with Boomer while he eats his treats. I usually go for a ride, sometimes bareback. Good times

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    Aug. 30, 2007
    Sunny Florida


    Every Christmas Eve I prepare a very special bran mash for my horses, with lots of apple chunks and cut up carrots and molasses and crushed peppermint candies sprinkled on top. At night check I hang a stocking at each stall with carrots ( with tops! ) and apples and little baggies of whatever their favorite treat is. . . then spend a little time in each stall to love on them. . .
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    Apr. 2, 2004
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    Every Christmas Eve, I make my mare Bran mash. Instead of hot water, I use hot apple cider. I load it up with apples and carrots and then rush to the barn to feed it to her still hot. And while she's eating it, I love on her, and scratch around her blanket, and all her itchy spots, then give her a kiss on her little nose, and go home.

    They get a bran mash every Sunday where we are... and every Sunday after Christmas Eve, she just stares at her bowl like "um... whats this?!"
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    Nov. 5, 2007


    The whole barn shows up christmas eve, and all the horses have stockings. Every one gets all the horses a bag of treats so they end up with PLENTLY. Then we personally exchange gifts, while the horses eat their bran mash and christmas music plays on the radio.

    Finally we all grab our horses and go for a bareback ride. (well with their blankets on). Its an easy day, full of love and caring for everyone.

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    May. 8, 2004


    I love Christmas Eve in the barn. Every year Mr. Chai and I do night check together on Christmas Eve. We just sit on a hay bale and enjoy the sound of the horse munching on their hay, snug and cozy. It is so peaceful in the stable at night, and it feels extra special on Christmas Eve.
    Our horses also get a hot, steamy bran mash with peppermints on Christmas Eve.

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    Jul. 11, 2004


    Every Sunday during winter I do a nice hot mash...Christmas, they get a little nicer mix (applesauce etc.)

    I love to see the sloppy faces taking a break from their lightly steaming slop.

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    Jan. 26, 2001


    For the third year one of my kids, a high school senior, and her parents will come and help me do the barn. I like to feed by myself , and then they come and help. I have 25 horses here. Then we make breakfast and sit in my little house and eat! In the evening, I fix a mash with carrots, raisens and carrots.
    I also take time to think about those who have left me, especially my father and this year, Queenie, Halloween and Ameilia.

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    Oct. 29, 2007


    Early morning, bareback and halter trail ride on my twenty year old retired junior hunter. I've done it every year since I've owned him, this will be year 12 . Of course the first 6 years I couldn't drive myself to the barn so I had to beg my dad to drive me out at 7 am. The trails at the barn I was at then were kind of sad, too but my best friend and I made it a tradition anyway.

    Now I usually sneak out of the house around 6/6:30 am and am there and on by 6:30 or 7 at the latest. The trails at my barn now are amazing, the best years are when there's a fresh snow, the fields are so ridiculously pretty and soooo peaceful that early.

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    Mar. 15, 2007
    (throw dart at map) NC!


    Well, this is probably too late for the radio show, but this is the coolest Christmas tradition I've ever heard of.

    I used to board at a stable in MacDonald, PA. Every Dec 26, they had "St. Stephen's Day". St. Stephen is the patron saint of animals. The owners had a priest come out and bless each horse in the barn in the morning. Then, we had a potluck lunch in the lounge attached to the immense indoor arena. Most of the boarders were mostly dressage riders and eventers, and many competed. The owners invited their Western-riding friends over for the festivities. In the afternoon, we had bona-fide gymkhana events. The Western-riding friends kicked all of our butts, but it was a blast doing things like barrels, keyholes, pass-the-baton, etc. on a dressage horse. The boarder with the highest number of points got a free months board, and the second-highest scorer got 50% off a month's board. There were prizes and gifts for the boarders. In return, the boarders chipped in and bought something nice for the owners. We then ate leftovers plus beer and wine and had alot of fun. It was a really really really cool tradition for a really, really, great barn. I really miss them!


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    Nov. 18, 2007


    Im probably too late as well but I just wanted to say my piece too.

    Every Xmas my dad makes his famous apple pie, made of about 20 Granny Smith apples. He peels and slices every single one of them and puts the trimmings in a bag for me to take to the barn. After the "big dinner" dad and I go to the barn and give every horse a hand full of apple peels and cores. I love it, time with my dad, the best man in the world, and my world of horses. It is our moment every year.

    Then I usually hop on my girl and go for a bareback ride with dad cheering me on.
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    Feb. 26, 2008


    x-mas eve at midnight, I go hug my burros, because of the important role that played that night.

    Mary was carried by one, and they are among the animals that were in the barn when Jesus was born (after all it is a celebration of his birth, right?) they say thats why there is a cross on their back (folklore)

    I thank them for the loving, heroic, gentle, unassuming, creatures that they are.

    on new years eve, I used to go out EVERY night at midnight and ring in the new year with my old man (my old QH) with a glass of champange for both of us.

    the last couple of years he has been living at my friends house, so now my filly has taken over the tradition. its amazing how much they like champange

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