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    Fit is important - not all the "best" blankets fit all horses.

    Horse #1 fits rambos to a T...they are the ONLY blanket line to fit him and not cause rubs. Of course, I am happy with them because they are pretty indestructable. One of his pastre mates actally TOOK OFF his rambo (pulled it right over his head), and not even a pinhole in it.

    Horse #2 has bucas (left over from an older horse with a thick neck), since this guy also has a similar build I though these blankets would fit him well....but they are giving him shoulder rubs. No holes in the blankets (after a few years) but not nearly as waterproof as the rambos. He also fit the Rambo QH line, but the blanket I had was a little too small, should have gotten him the next size up.

    Horse #3 fit the local tack store brand. (This brand I find hardly fits ANY horse, but he is a high shark fin TB,and it fits perfect), they are waterproof and fairley sturdy, but find the craftmanship on the straps is not great. But, for 1/4 the price of a rambo, the blanket is a decent deal and seems to fit well.

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    I have a bunch of Weatherbeetas - some of them from their cheaper Saxon line - which have held up really well for the price. I have been buying the same model of Saxon turnout sheets for years, and was disappointed that this year for the first time, they did away with the cotton lining on the top half, and now the lining is a nylon which isn't as breathable. Don't know if I will be buying those any more unless I can find the cotton-lined ones.

    I do definitely prefer the Horsewear line - IMO better quality. Maybe it's psychological, but I feel like their "puffiness" keeps the horses warmer than other brands with the same fill. I love the blue plaid Rhinos whatever that model is called - they are so snuggly - that's what I'd want to sleep in if I were a horse I'm also really happy with the midweight Amigo I just got for $80 including shipping on ebay - hopefully this is not considered advertising, but this seller is great:

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    I am replacing all my blankets with TurtleNecks. They fit well and are practically indestructible. They also come with the best warranty around.

    I've been disappointed by the several Schneiders blankets I own in both fit and length of wear. All of them have tears in the linings, frayed edge tape, and broken straps which I've had to have replaced, and none are that old.

    Weatherbeetas are OK, but don't last much longer than Schneiders. Rhinos are nice, but don't fit my guys well.

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    What are turtlenecks?

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