We have a 14 year old 15.3 grey WB/tb (sire Saluut II) gelding who is recovering from some suspensory issues. Currently he is recovering from a left hind strain and has been fully rehabed from a right hind strain over the winter. He came to us with a lot of miles on him and although we have been VERY careful with him, clearly he needs a life style change. He was a 2'6" medal machine and won quite a lot at the big shows before he came to us. We limited his jumping and had him doing low level dressage which was suiting him just fine. He was sooo fancy that all judges and riders loved him! I will tell you that he is BOUNCY to ride and not for beginners. He is going a little stir crazy on stall rest and last he was evaluated a few weeks ago was not sound behind. I believe that with a quiet barn and an in-out stall paddock situation he would be a nice friend to have around and would recover to be ridden again. He is located in MA. Call James at (413) 538-2493 #2.