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    knightly Guest

    Default Would you breed this mare?

    Hi There,

    I'm not greatly experienced in evaluating horses and am looking for opinions on a mare that I own. I have bred this mare to Yeager GF for an 09 foal mostly for myself. I am now thinking I may want to breed her next year for a horse to sell (not sure yet if I would sell it as a weanling/yearling or wait until I get it started under saddle). I'm not very particular on the discipline I would want the foal to go to, but she seems to me she's more of a Hunter than anything.

    Basically, I'm not sure if she's worth breeding for a quality foal. Below are some links to pictures.

    While I'm at it, I have a gray mare that I am rather fond of and am considering breeding her in a few years (possibly in 2012 or 2013, maybe sooner if my black mare isn't suitable). Also looking for opions on weather or not she is breeding material. Although she looks large and clunky she actually moves without dragging her feet et cetera and we have free jumped her at 6' with lots of room to spare. These shots are of this past summer, and her movement and head carrige has improved drastically since then. She only has the white rubber rings on her bit because that bit pinched her face and she lost hair there.

    I would also really appreciate stallion suggestions for both mares. I know the shots aren't exactly ideal, but they're all I've got on my computer right now.

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    Apr. 28, 2008


    Whats the breeding on the mares?
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    knightly Guest


    The black is an unregistered TB and the grey is a Percheron TB cross, even though she is often mistaken for a full WB.

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    Oct. 8, 2007


    What would you be aiming the foal at?

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    Jun. 16, 2007


    I would not breed either mare unless they are stunning performance horses in their own right. With their essentially grade horse backgrounds they are unlikely to produce a marketable foal. That means keeping each foal to maturity hoping you can produce a performance horse to sell. The TB mare likely would not produce that pretty rounded hunter conformation, she is very peaked behind. The gray has a questionable rear for future soundness...stifles in particular look weak. Sorry PatO

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    knightly Guest


    I'm thinking I'd like a Hunter out of both the black and the grey.

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    Dec. 11, 2005
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    What has the TB mare done? She looks older and maybe not in the best condition - not sure I would breed her.

    Cant tell a lot about the TB X - if you really like her and wouldnt mind it if she cloned herself then I say give it a try once - as long as you do realize that the foal may not be that saleable..

    For her I would look at some TB stallions or Tb cross stallions so lighten her up.

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    Aug. 26, 2003
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    Since you asked specifically about breeding them to SELL the foal, no I wouldn't breed either. Actually I saw the first picture of the one and thought Perch/x, I can definitely see the draft in there (which is okay, that is what she is )

    IF you want to breed them for another foal for yourself, I go TB with the draft cross. The TB might as well wait and see what she throws with Yeager.

    I know breeding is addictive, believe me, but since you asked, I think if you want to get into it in order to market foals, you should save up for a registered mare fit for hunters (since you want to breed hunters) with good pedigree, conformation, and believe me there are so many nice mares on the market now for peanuts, I do think you could find one.

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    Apr. 1, 2003
    SE Ky


    Quote Originally Posted by knightly View Post
    The black is an unregistered TB and the grey is a Percheron TB cross, even though she is often mistaken for a full WB.
    TB - No - topline not good, horse not registered, nothing special I can see - you'd spend more on breeding her (in this economy) then you'd make on the baby.

    Draft X - No. Horse not registered, nothing special I can see - you'd spend more on breeding her (in this economy) then you'd make on the baby.

    Sorry but you'd never be able to sell the babies in this economy and there are too many horses out there now - similar in breed to your horses - which are begin sold or even given away.
    Sandy in Fla.

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    Jan. 21, 2003
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    To be perfectly honest, a trainer I know told me that he went to an auction one day and on the way in, he saw people pulling up in trailers and tying horses that looked and were bred like this to other people's trailers and driving off. That doesn't bode well for offspring of these grade mares. If they work for you, and you love them, ride them and enjoy them, but don't breed them.
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    Mar. 28, 2006


    No. I wouldn't breed either one. I would not see the foals as marketable. While they may be lovely riding horses, I don't think they have the outstanding quality that we look for in an animal we want to reproduce.

    I think your money would be better spent on a youngster, if you have the need to raise a baby. There are lots to choose from in every price range, especially if you are willing to attend a horse sale. There are tons of nice youngsters out there that could use a good home right now.
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    Jun. 9, 2003


    I don't see *quality* in either mare that would produce a marketable foal. Both have a number of conformation issues and the lack of registration is a huge factor for many people. If you want to breed, please breed good quality that has a good chance at a good home and productive life. Breeding indiscrimantly is so unfair to the resulting foal.
    JMHO and good luck!

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    Dec. 27, 1999
    Midland, NC, USA


    No, no, no.

    Breeding stock should have as many as possible of the following attributes: soundness, pedigree, conformation, performance record, temperament. (off the top of my head). JUST for the good of the offspring, absent any profit motive....


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    Honestly? No to either if you aren't going to keep the foals for yourself. There are too many nice horses going to slaughter. To breed one that doesn't have outstanding pedigree, performance history and conformation, is just putting one more unneeded horse on the ground.

    If you really want a baby or young horse, go to an auction and buy something that appeals to you. You'll come out ahead in money and time, as well as help give a horse a home.

    Please don't feel badly that everyone is saying no. One of the nice things about COTH is that you generally get honesty, as opposed to everyone gushing their support. Had you posted these pics in OFF course, and said "I'm new, these are my horses", evryone would be welcoming you and telling you they are cute, and have sweet faces...which they are, and do. But with the market the way it is, and the number of horses out there now, needing homes, breeding for resale (successfully) is now limited to very specific attributes. I just wanted to make sure that we aren't cutting your horses down and saying that you have fugly horses or anything, but just not breeding stock.
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