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    Jul. 11, 2004


    Vet...simple, he was a liar.

    I had a horse who foundered, both front feet...the vet misdiagnosed and said "Abcess"...then instructed, "Turn him out on the grass overnight to keep him moving and then walk him all you can to work out the abcess".

    So, I put my poor horse out on grass (he was grass foundering all this time) and then walked the poor guy putting him in agony and damaging his feet even more.

    5 months later, he's still in a stall 100% of the time, wearing wood "Steward Clogs" on both front feet and he's not improving and has rotated in both feet, quite a bit.

    I call the insurance company and say, "he's not improving, he's in pain, I'd like to put him down". They call the owner of the practice who quips, "He's OK, maybe another 18-24 months and he'll be able to go outside with a muzzle". So, no insurance.

    I contact the vet office and ask for his explanation for this crap (the attending vet said once the horse was not going to improve, he'd agree with putting him to sleep...until the owner said, "shut up"). I talked to the head vet...he said, "To put a horse down, the equine practice says the horse has to be in extreme pain" I told him BS, it says chronic pain, not extreme. He was quiet for a second and said, "Well, yes, it does say chronic"....then he lied again and I caught him and told him so. Finally he just says, "I knew of another draft (My horse was a Shire) who survived and thrived etc. and could be turned out....third lie, it was a draft cross, a small mare and she was always off while outside grazing with a muzzle insurance when I put him down...he was too nice a horse to continue suffering.

    What a quality vet he was...POS.

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    Oct. 19, 2005


    Not to mention that the horse could have probably been saved with the right support from the vet and farrier!! I am sorry you had such a bad and heart wrenching experience

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    May. 4, 2003


    I'm a very loyal person and when I find a vet and farrier I'll keep them for ever. I like to be able to speak candidly with my eqine professionals and I expect them to work as a team with me. But then my vet went and DIED on me. Darn him. I had to go looking for another fit for me. The vet I chose had a good reputation but he was condescending - I paid for his time and he was always late. Once I was stuck in traffic and late to his clinic for an appointment by about ten minutes. He went on about his valuable time, and I was thinking about all the times I had been waiting for him, so that was enough, I didn't think it would work. Since then I have found a team I am very happy with. There are a lot of good vets/farriers here, but gosh, they are all so busy.

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