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View Poll Results: How tall is your horse? (ex: 12.1 hh = 12 hands and 1 inch)

238. You may not vote on this poll
  • Under 11 hh

    2 0.84%
  • 11hh - 12hh

    4 1.68%
  • 12.1hh - 13.1hh

    10 4.20%
  • 13.2hh - 14.2hh

    47 19.75%
  • 14.3hh - 15.1hh

    84 35.29%
  • 15.2hh - 16.1hh

    68 28.57%
  • 16.2hh - 17.1hh

    20 8.40%
  • 17.2hh +

    3 1.26%
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  1. #61
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    Apr. 7, 2006
    KS, USA


    My app gelding is around 15.1, but his neck ties in nice and high on his chest and he has a 'tall affect'

    On windy days he looks 16hh at least, lol!

    My farrier calls him Little Big Man

    Our pony is truly a tiny, tiny pony. He is just barely 40" at the withers, 10h.

    I love the littler horses. My first horse was 14.3 and I never felt she was too small for anything. Half morgan, and like others have said here, a powerhouse and tough as nails.

    I have owned one big horse, 16.3h, and he was majestic and I liked the way I looked on him - but all in all, I like the shorties better. I'm always going to be looking for something between 13.3 and 15.3, max. Just my preference.

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    May. 9, 2008


    My DD is nearly 5'8" and all legs. Her favorite horse is a Welsh/Cob. Sure she might look better on a taller horse, but she sure loves that feisty-fun pony

    Now for me?

    Dumplin' is gonna come in waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay below 11hh! lol!
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    Jul. 14, 2006


    Well, Pixie's coggin's says 15hh but if I'm really honest she's probably more like 14.3, maybe even 14.2. I've never sticked her and in some ways I don't want to know. Her mother was a full hand taller and the stud was 15.1, so I don't know where the hony genes came from.

    I'm 5'6'' and I've never felt small on her. She has an unusually long stride for her height and feels much bigger than she looks. And of course, being a chestnut mare, Pixie makes up for the lack of size with attitude. My trainer says she's the horse equivalent of the little yappy yorkie dogs that are convinced they can single handedly take on a rottweiler....and win

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    Sep. 15, 2005
    Lexington, KY


    Quote Originally Posted by ddashaq View Post
    Do you by chance event the TWH? I saw a girl at Octoberfest riding her TWH BN that looked a lot like yours. I was very impressed with the horse's jumping ability and thought they were a cute pair.
    I've never evented her, but we are working on a little jumping, albeit slooooowwwwly I'm only now getting an english saddle together to school her in, and only ridden her in one once to school low jumps in, we have been riding Aussie since I got her and done a little jumping in that . I do think she's got a little talent but I don't know where it will go... she has "free jumped" about 3 foot to get away from me in her wilder days! I hope to do more with her next year, maybe some competitive trail or non-breed specific trail classes- she's not registered or well gaited so the gaited breed shows are out.

    We did go to the Horse Games this year in Georgetown, KY where that photo album is from. And we also did the CKRH Benefit Trail Ride this year and last. She did a stellar job keeping up with my big 16+hh TWH gelding who really booked it around the park toting my friend. Mostly we just trail ride the area and she's teaching my 7 year old daughter to ride Not too shabby for a freebie, sucky gaited, unregistered TWH "hony" who was nearly feral through abuse when I got her 4 1/2 years ago!

    I love my girl, she's the pony I never had as a kid!!!

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    Jul. 21, 2006
    South Carolina


    The little paint horse is 14hh or so. I'm 5'9" so we're perfect for each other - his little wither fits just exactly under my arm. I have to do that often because no one believes Quanah's really that short when they first meet him. He gives the impression of taking up a lot more space.

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    Jul. 10, 2008


    i adore ponies! and little horses. at 5'4" and about 115, i find i am happiest on something between 14.0-15.2. i've ridden everything from small ponies to 17.1hh beasties, but that large pony/hony range is my fave. i had a really stellar 14.1 1/2 GRP gelding as a training project my last semester in college, and i'm pretty sure he's my soulmate pony. he has more personality than most people, and an unshakable belief that he was a 'big horse.' a lot of the times we'd get fewer strides in the lines than the WB's and TB's in our jumping classes. i'm really hoping the school will decide he isn't working out for some reason so i can finally take him home!!

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    Aug. 3, 2001
    Hagerstown, MD


    I am 5'10" +. My mare is 15.2 h. She has a huge barrel and takes up my leg well, but I still feel too big on her because she is very finely built overall and my torso is so long that it is easy to get her off balance.

    My gelding is around 16.2 h, which is a better height for my long legs and torso.

    My other gelding is 17 h+, which I love as far as fit goes. But, since he is so huge, it is a lot harder to get him properly engaged and packaged.

    My mare is so much easier because there is so much less for her to have to carry and less to have to bend . I also prefer dismounting from my mare because the ground comes up much quicker .

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    Dec. 2, 2007


    I am 5'6" and ride two different "honies". My older mare - Oreo - a 14.2 appy mare - my forever horse and my 4 yr old mare - Maddy - an "overgrown" POA at 14.1. Comfortable on both but if I could really choose a size - I would get 15 to 15.1 which is still small by most people's standards. Love my "honies"!

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    Jun. 12, 2007


    At the moment I have... TB: 15.3h, Dutch WB: 16.2h, Hanoverian: 16.1h

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    Sep. 10, 2008
    Apex, NC


    My new guy is 16h, and I think he is a giant! My other mare is 15.2, and perfect for me. I am 5'7". My husband is 6'4", and rides a very stocky 14.3 QH.

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    Mar. 13, 2006
    Sno County


    All of mine are a little on the short size, even my cutie TB Zoomie is only 15.1. My biggest is my QHX Woodrow who stands a whopping 15.3 and Zephyr the mustang is only 14.2. I like little horses being only 5'4" they're a lot closer to the ground which is definitely a plus.
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    Mar. 8, 2005
    Millstone, NJ


    blah i cant post cause i have 5 horses. they are 14.2, 15, 15.2, 15.3 (still growing. should top out around 16 hands) and 16hands. I've ridden from 13 hand ponies to 18+ warmblood and draft x's. The bigger the horse is, the safer i feel on them for some reason. I'm 5'6'' so i can ride all of them. (though anything over 16.3 i think i look kinda silly on.)


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    Apr. 14, 2004
    woodstock, ga


    I have Penelope my Conn/Tb mare, she is 15'1 and probably the most athletic horse I have ever ridden. She's my little Ferrari. I'm 5'4 and honestly don't feel like I'm riding a small horse when I'm on her. She has a good size barrel, and just feeling her power from the hind end--I don't know if I can explain it--but I wouldn't want her any bigger!!

    And my daughter has Buddy, a British Riding Pony gelding who sticks at 15, he was NOT SUPPOSED to go over 14'2, but hit a big growing spurt as a 3 year old. Good thing for us, we would not have had the opportunity to buy him if he stayed pony size. My daughter is 5 ft tall and probably won't grow too much taller--so he is the perfect size for her.

    Here is a shot my "honies" Penelope is the dk bay, Buddy is the regular bay

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    Aug. 26, 2008


    Quote Originally Posted by MistyBlue View Post
    Oh good Lord that pony is cute Corey!
    Quote Originally Posted by amdfarm View Post
    I thought the same thing, MB! Adorable pony, Corey, and I don't think you really look too big for him/her either....
    He is seriously one of the coolest ponies I ever ridden.

    Patches, the wonder-pony!

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    Mar. 15, 2007
    (throw dart at map) NC!


    I ride a horse who is 15.1hh and I'm 5'6 1/2". She's small but I love riding her! She fits nicely in a dressage arena...

    These videos are over a year old but this is her:

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    Jan. 10, 2008
    Western NY


    I just want to say that I like how much the definition of "big" changes from the English to the western world... big at a h/j or dressage barn seems to be over 16.2... big at my mostly-western boarding barn is over 15.0. (:

    This is me on the Shetland at my old barn... a teensy bit small for me, but so much fun for trail riding and he loved doing little jumps:

    And my little pony indicating what he thinks of our first show--the woman petting him is our former trainer, and she's only about 4'9"...

  17. #77
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    Jan. 2, 2008
    Montgomery County, MD


    I'm 5-10, or at least I was the last time anybody sticked me, which was quite some time ago, and of course after 40 one may lose a bit of height. I weigh 135-137. And my hony is a fine-built Ottb who is 15-1 1/2 on a tall day, maybe scraping 15-2 if the farrier hasn't been out for six weeks.

    This was NOT my idea. I do want a larger horse--I love those big strapping mooses, and I positively lust after my friend's big-built 16-3 Trakehner, he of the indestructible legs. But my daughter fell in love with a delicate little flower whose cannons are as big as my wrist, and we have room in the budget for only one horse at the moment.

    At least my feet come to the bottom of her barrel, but my upper body looks too tall on her. Good thing I'm getting to the age where I don't care much what I look like or if people are laughing at me. I just think, thank God I finally have a horse again, thank God she is turning from a whack-job OTTB into a sweetie-pie, thank God she's temporarily not lame, thank God I have a place to keep her, thank God I am healthy enough to ride. This is a joy, even if she's never going to hunt or show or do dressage or the other things I'd like. I love her, I sacrifice for her, and I'm grateful for her.

    (All that said, I'd still like to buy one of my friend's huge Clevie crosses, when and if my ship comes in!)

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    Mar. 9, 2005


    Count me in!! Of course, havng Haflingers for so long now, I sticked my girl at almost 14.3 and caught myself making the comment that she was huge

    Anna is 13.2:
    Snow is 14.3:

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    Nov. 30, 2006
    The Gashlycrumb Orphanage


    Rebel Without Cash!

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    Mar. 28, 2006


    What a great thread! I'm sorry I missed getting in on it sooner! That's what I get for just hanging out over at the breeding forum!

    I raise Welsh ponies. Why, you ask? Because I like them better. And I'm short. *Almost* a whole 5 feet tall!!! 12.3 to 13.1 hands is my "perfect size". There's a photo of me on my 13 hander in my profile.

    The nice thing about Welsh, is that they are generally built with "well sprung" ribs. IE they take up a LOT more leg than you think they will for their size. The better quality ponies (ie bigger/better movers) also outmove their stick height.

    In my breed, the unwritten rule is that your butt must be smaller than your pony's --otherwise you have to get a new pony. With the four sections of the Welsh breed, there is a size for everyone! We are used to seeing adults on ponies at the Welsh shows, and that doesn't look odd at all to me. Again, remember the butt rule! Nobody cares how far your legs hang down!
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