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    Default Quick "Giveaways" question

    I looked but did not see this specific issue addressed. My situation (which may be moot at this point) is that a friend acquired a TB mare that she would like to place. She did not have to pay for the mare and does not want to charge for the mare. However, she had to pay the mare's back board. Would it be OK to have something like that as the "price" of a horse or is a giveaway of necessity absolutely free? My friend is not in this to make a profit at all and the board she had to pay is just $200, but in the Christmas and hay-consuming season, that would be nice to recoup.

    Thanks for your help!
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    I'm pretty sure that giveaway means giveaway unless you (or whomever has the horse) is asking for a donation to be made to a reputable and licensed charity group. One of the moderators can better answer this; however, I'm pretty sure giveaway means a horse that is free and clear from any monetary obligations (back board, etc.) besides health checks or travel paperwork, etc.
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    HydroPHILE is spot on. At this time, unless the funds are going to a registered charity, there can't be monetary or "in trade" contingencies attached to Giveaway offers.

    Thanks for checking in!
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