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    Default Hay a bunch!!!!

    Born to ride, Forced to go to work

    Driver carries no cash, all spent on horse

    Hell Hath No Fury Like a Chestnut Thoroughbred Mare

    I can muck 30 stalls before breakfast. What can you do?

    Trail riders do it in the woods.

    We came, We showed, We kicked butt

    Are you going to cowboy up or just lay there and bleed


    Yeah, these are all our bumper stickers! Thanks for posting these!!!!
    Sorry! But that barn smell is my aromatherapy!
    One of our horsey bumper stickers!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mybeau1999 View Post
    I want that!!!
    Even though my horse is no where close to being worth as much as a house (he is however, probably a year's worth of apartment rent) the other people on the road don't know
    My friend's rotten little pony isn't worth much either, but the people following her big impressive brand-new GN don't know that. People just don't understand about horses and trailers and they need an incentive to give you some space on the road. I think she had the decal made up specially somewhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WichitaWaltz View Post
    OnThinIce: where did you get the OTTB/best friend one??
    Took me a bit of searching, but I found it!
    This it be all wot we want in life, wenn peoples dey loff us. ~ Willem

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