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    Quote Originally Posted by monstrpony View Post
    Latest update from Appalachain Equine's web site:

    The families who have lost horses are continuing to show their true colors by allowing various experts access to their property and financing seemingly endless tests and sample analyses in order to get some peace of mind and prevent further illnesses. Please keep them in your thoughts.

    Does not mention a new case, but it is clear that they are doing a thorough job of investigation.
    That's darn decent of them to mention how cooperative the owners are. I'm sure this has been very difficult for them - and all too public. Sometimes there are loons that make threats or accusations that result in great distress to owners in these situations. When we had some problems with switchgrass a while back, there was a lot of awful gossip and speculation.

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    Paso Trail Rider Guest

    Default We had similar happen here a few years ago

    I just read the article in the Horse newsletter and it sounded so close to what we went through with our horse and about 9 others a few years ago.
    Our vet came forward with the cause of all the deaths of the horses despite the law suits that could possibley come from the disclosure. My horse had just foaled and withheld placenta, vet came and gave a tetanus shot to the mare. Six weeks later my mare showed symptoms of colic at first, and then quickly turned into collapse and death. Within 1 week 7 more horses had same symptoms and also died.
    By the time my vet figured it out there was only one horse left to treat and was saved. What happened was the bottle of tetanus was bad; either left out of refrigeration or was bad from manufacturer. The vet gave my mare and all the others a shot from this bottle and in 6 weeks all were dead except for 1 that was taken to hospital and intense treatment to save the horse.
    Because the vet came forward and told us the cause of the death was the shot given 6 weeks earlier we did not pursue a suit. We were hoping that would encourage honesty within vet world towards clients without a fear that they would be sued. I do not regret the decision for it was a horrible loss to us, but the loss would be greater if we had sued and future horses could suffer.
    My question is, has anyone considered this? In our case, it would have never been discovered if the vet did not come forward with the information. It would have never been discovered due to time frame and blood tests would not reveal cause of the toxcity. We would have attributed colic or some other toxin also. Our vet took a huge leap to come forward in order to save the remaining horse, but other vets may not be same?

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    Or the Vet may just not know. It makes sense horses at nearby farms might be vaccinated by the same Vet out of he same batch and in the Fall at the same time. Many people do shots in the spring and fall.

    Unless the Vet knowingly used a bad batch they are not liable for the damage, so its doubtful its a cover-up. They may just have never heard of it.

    I don't think it would out of line to just send an e-mail to the investigating Vets so they might investigate this experience?

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    Paso Trail Rider Guest

    Default Vets responsibility

    One owner that had 4 of her horses die from this bad tetanus did hold the vet responsible and was correct too. The person that gave the injection which is the vet is responsible and has to be sued by the owner. The vet's responsibility is to go after the drug company not the owners. The owner did not buy the bottle of medicine and she cannot sue in behalf of the person that bought the drug and administered it. Because of the responsibility vets have to their clients is why they may not admit to any wrong doing.
    That is why I applauded our vet for coming forth, although was still sued by one of the clients. I was asked to join them in their suit and I did not for the simple fact that the vet should not have to be put through Civil suit. Keep in mind, the bottle of vaccine was not proved that it was the fault of the drug company simply because if the bottle of tetanus is not refrigerated at all times...... which could not be proved by the vet because the bottle was used up and long gone. It takes at least 6 weeks for the effect of this to kill a horse.
    We lost our mare within 14 hours of first signs of illness to death. The vet was with her for at least 8 or those 14 hours before the mare collapsed and died. The next morning is when the second horse came down with the same thing. Within the week the rest died.
    The owners of the horses need to get together and find what the common denominator could be. Sadly in this day and time, if the vet is wrong what is the likely response, the human response to accepting responsibility when he could just not.

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    Default updates?

    how is this situation?
    here is the link to app equine with an update from nov. 26
    i hope everyone is okay!

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