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    Jul. 27, 2007
    Behind the Orange Curtain


    Well, I'm positive you REALLY NEEDED that vacation, and am glad you're back to manage the classroom again with refreshed vigor!

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    Oct. 10, 2007


    Quote Originally Posted by Moderator 1 View Post
    I'm back and starting to get caught up! Sorry for any confusion re: the Off Topic Day. Nobody's in detention and there will be plenty more OT Days in the future.

    Did those who received the "never" message get it when trying to access a specific OT thread with a direct link after the forum was taken down? Or did the whole forum say "never" while it was still supposed to be up for reading?

    The message was just a by-product of the regular closing down of the OT forum, so nothing to worry about, but I wanted to be sure I understood at what point in the process you saw it.

    Mod 1
    This "never" is a normal VB message for members to receive who do not have mod access to a locked forum.

    For example, when I log out of the forum I mod on, there are several things that occur (besides the obvious mod actions disappearing). The off topic forum (which is open 100% of the time to all who belong to the forum, but NOT to just lurkers) changes to the term "PRIVATE" instead of showing the last post.

    The adults only forum changes to "NEVER" instead of showing the last post. Everyone can view the forum in existance, as we could here with the OT forum, but only those with what vb calls "permissions" can view the actual forum and threads/posts. Forums marked "NEVER" indicate they are password protected.

    Some forums completely disappear on the forum I mod on if I log out, as I would imagine is the case here as well. We have a senior members forum that is invisible to everyone, including other members, until they have 1,000 posts and are considered in "good standing" with the community. The forum automatically appears when you reach 1,000 posts unless admin (the site owner) locks you out of it before hand. Generally speaking, this forum is kept pretty hush hush amongst the general pop and people do not know about it until they log on and see it one day. Then of course the mod forum is invisible, though everyone for the most part knows it exists.

    These are simply security settings that VB has in place for admin to decide who gets to see what.

    By the way, I hope you had a great vacation.

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    Dec. 12, 2007


    That's a good idea re: the OT forum on your site, Wigwag--open to members but not to lurkers. I'll remember that when we broach the subject again with the main office.

    And you are 100% right re: the "never" message. I mistakenly added the password protection I normally do when closing the forum, but then instead of closing it, I reopened it with an errant click.

    Vacation brain has been shelved--my apologies.

    And yes, I had a great time--thanks!

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    Oct. 10, 2007


    Quote Originally Posted by Moderator 1 View Post
    of closing it, I reopened it with an errant click.
    It happens.

    I once tried to merge a couple different threads (OP had cross posted). Instead of merging them as one normally does, I hit something different. Either merge threads, or merge posts. I believe I selected to merge the posts. Well what happened is every single reply in every single thread merged with the OP's question, so basically it looked like the OP was nuts.

    I tried oh so hard to fix that, but couldn't. Finally just apologized several times and hoped the thread would die soon. Even admin couldn't undo it.

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    Oct. 12, 2005


    Thanks so much for putting it back ! Reading as fast as I can! PLEASE make it two!

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