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    Jun. 24, 2005


    Sometimes its not anythinng with the gelding EXCEPT the mare

    We had a 23yo gelding who had been a stallion til 4yo and had been bred
    we had been at a barn with a real hussy mare - only 3 horses so all turned out together
    2 geldings and the mare - she LOVED my gelding but he was a clueless surfer dude

    then at another barn - he was in a field of 6 including a QH mare - no problems, including they walked 3 horses out to the field together my 2 geldings and this mare
    UNTIL the day she went into heat . . .
    she just about jumped my clueless 23you gelding on the drive
    then out in the field it became an X-rated display with my boy dropping and preening and going at the mare to breed
    He had NEVER done anything like this in the 13 years I had owned him

    take the mare out of the picture and he was fine

    you will be glad to move to a more amenable place
    it should make EVERYONE including the horse much happier

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    Aug. 22, 2000


    I have had two geldings whose operations "slipped their minds" when around a mare in heat. The first actually "bred" a mare when in a mixed herd. It was kind of sad when he changed "girlfriends" when that one left. He decided that his 14.2 self was the stud for the 16.3 WB mare. She was not interested and he would run around her trying to herd her while she ignored him!
    My other gelding never got that up close and personal but did display herding and aggression when turned out with a mare. He is now in separate turnout - no girls allowed!
    I dont believe either had hormone issues or retained testicles as they had no other physical signs. Vet said that some geldings are just more masculine in their minds and never fully understand their lack. Or, as I like to say, The ones that make the most show are the ones that ain't got'em.

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    Aug. 9, 2007


    Yeah all the poster are right. It depends on the gelding and the mares and the herd situation.

    Cloudy has been henpecked by his girlfriends over the years, the girls ranging in size from 14.3 to 18.2, and he has been aggressive over the paddock fences when he was safe from the mares. Usually he runs from the mares.

    So it's a mix at different barns and the "herd dynamics" can change quickly when a new mare arrives.

    So try to get to a barn where you have the ability to choose some options.

    When I had both mare and gelding, I did not want them separated as some barns do. But you need to find a place where your boy can be in with other geldings, or with a mare who is bossy but who won't hurt him.

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    Sep. 4, 2007


    They are all different. My boy had always seemed like a ladies man. He has had a couple of mares he LOFFFFFFED. Turned out with one, he actually fought over her with another gelding like 2 stallions - vicious rearing, chasing biting each other. There was a good bit of damage done. The mare however would have kicked the snot out of him had he been allowed close enough. Next place he kept other geldings away from mares on the other side of fences and was attacking other geldings for seemingly no reason. Now he is out with a mare and one gelding. The mare's first heat - I was convinced it would be BAD and wanted to seperate them for the mare's safety. The other owner wanted to work it out, so we gave it a chance. Once he was allowed and had free access, no interest at all. In fact she drove him nuts. He would be grazing and she would back up and put her butt over his head so he would have to move! The other gelding had been alone with her for a couple of years, so I was worried there would be fighting. Nope! I think he was actually relieved for her to get a distraction!

    Guess you could say my boy is all talk! :ha

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