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    I remember the barn where I rode a lesson horse had several "community" events. Halloween Haunt, Easter Treat.

    1st was the rule that if you are using one of the schoolies, once a month we gathered on a Sunday (non-lesson day) and really, really cleaned the horse. That meant clipping, pulling mane and if the weather was good, a bath. It was fun to be with the other kids brushing and loving on our "teacher". I think the old horse I rode loved every minute of those days.

    2nd we had events like the Halloween Haunt. No horses, we used stick horses and did fun games like running the barrels or key hole, pole weaving. Talk about getting kids tired!!! At the beginning we had out costume judged and then the galloping games started. Really fun!

    A couple of times through the winter we would get an invite from the barn manager to come to the barn for a couple of hours to eat goodies and have hot chocolate or spiced cider and share our books or videos. The summer was too busy for barn get togethers because the BO was also the trainer and would be gone at shows.

    Gosh, the fun I had because the owner/trainer took it upon herself to involve us kids in her life. I am from a poor family and being able to be around the horses more than my 'one hour limit' per week was great. Bless her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slc2 View Post
    I think parties where each person brings what they can might help.

    I think it's important to realize the trail riders may NEVER like the show riders and the hunt seat riders may NEVER hang out with the dressage riders. I wouldn't expect too much; people vary alot in how much they ever can get along, but I would expect them to behave basically.

    But I think overall, it really is up to the manager and owner and trainer at the barn to work together and keep control of nastiness all the time. It just naturally develops where any women gather (hell, look at this bb if you need proof) and it needs to be constantly 'ridden herd' on if it isn't going to get out of control.

    Of the barn where I was at for a long time, the trainer/owner was the worst offender! LOL.
    "naturally develops where any women gather"? We would not accept someone with this kind of attitude at our barn because this is the type of attitude that causes problems amongst otherwise happy people. With all due respect, maybe you notice problems wherever women gather because you cause them? I mean, this is a pretty negative post in a thread of fun and positive posts.

    It is a rare barn where people in various disciplines don't get along. It happens, but it is not usual. Usually, people are curious about other disciplines and don't feel as though they are competing with each other.

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