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    Nov. 18, 2004
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    Default Choosing

    I picked my dreamhorse out for my best friend.

    I met KatyBug when she was being ridden by her then lessor. Katy just looked at me, as her rider sat on her and chatted with me, and I thought "Oh my, I LIKE this horse. This is my kind of horse." She was a bit underweight and shaggy, but she had the loveliest kindest eye and was so chill.

    Westlaw was looking for a horse, and I told her she should really try Katy, who was at the farm where I rode and was for sale. As you may remember, Westlaw tried her out, fell in love with her, had her vetted and wrote that check.

    Fast forward a year, Westlaw has no more time to ride (job, kid, relationship, new house, etc.), and Katy's going to be mine.

    BR, it really might be time for you to get to choose. When we animal lovers take on all the three-legged dogs named Lucky in the world, you'd think you'd have enough karma stored up to be able to choose an animal who you need as much as it needs you!

    A couple years ago I picked up a kitten in a laundromat parking lot. I already had 2, my friends and family gave me a hard time about it, I lied to them that I would give her away after I cleaned her up. She was a stray and needed me, but really I took her home because she was so beautiful, and I wanted to choose and keep a beautiful (not just a needy) animal. And she continues to be just the prettiest and most entertaining critter. (pure black, feminine, playful, affectionate).

    It just might be your turn.
    I tolerate all kinds of animal idiosyncrasies.
    I've found that I don't tolerate people idiosyncrasies as well. - Casey09

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    Aug. 2, 2000
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    Well, I didn't get to go shopping for my horses until I bought my mare.
    She was everything I had ever dreamed of.
    A big bay registered QH mare with specific bloodlines.
    I chose her so carefully as a yearling and brought her along carefully.

    And we are not working out very well at all.

    The ones who chose me ended up working out much better.

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    no, my dad is into breeding so i get what i'm given by mother nature and I love them dearly and wouldn't swap for the whole wide world

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    Aug. 17, 2006


    Its not that easy or fun to look for the horse.

    I had to pick everything apart- is he the one, is he not the one? Am I nuts in wanting this horse? Will he hold up to the demands I want? Will he be okay with the times where I am less demanding? There were so many questions and so little answers.

    I hear more about people that get the wrong horse when they look for the horse, scared me to death.

    I looked back on my history with horses- I do realized that I was happier part-boarding or leasing other people's horses- simply becuase I took what I could get.

    When I bought my horse, it was tougher because *I* picked him out- I should have spotted this or that issue. I became more picky.

    Yes, he's my horse and we have a bond (Oh whoever posted that they need a dumb TB gelding- Um they are too smart for their own good too - Ask me! lol). I am not so picky about him anymore- although we haven't had a lot of good times (life got in the way)- this winter we're at a new barn which should help me get much further with him.

    Is he the horse of my dreams? Nope. Is he the perfect horse for me- sure is! Does everything I ask him to do- although there are a couple things I wish he could do but alas- he can't and I still wouldn't trade him for anything in the world. I make him my perfect horse- he's my million dollar horse depsite him not being so perfect.

    Know what? There's no such thing as perfect in this world.

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    Jun. 14, 2006


    Oh Paddy, I'm sorry!

    This was really more tongue in cheek because as I said, I do love my mare Chey...conformational Mr. Potatohead that she is. I am looking at being back down to one horse soon and she's the one who will remain. She is a blast to ride because she's got the PERFECT mind. If I could've taken her mind and put it into the body of my other mare? I'd be set. LOL

    Anyway, my Chey....I got into jumping over the last 2 years and really want to pursue that...but at 17 with wonky confo and only 14 3, hard as she might try, I'm not sure that she can really hold up to the workload. We'll see.

    I'll have that horse til she takes her last breath...which hopefully won't be for another 15-20 years.

    It's just that over the years, I've done a lot of horse shopping for others and eventually we do seem to find "the one". Or at least "the one for right now".

    My good friend and BO spent a year looking before we found her gelding and he was really a diamond in the rough--has turned out so good! I've only ridden him once (don't want to spoil myself) but it really is kind of fun to get on a horse who knows their job and can do it well and isn't trying to screw you over and flip you the bird every 3 strides.

    I'm in NO position to take on another horse for now. And I don't even bother shopping dream horse and such. Just every once in awhile I wonder what it feels like to have a horse who can do the job, wants to the job, and likes you.

    A good horseman doesn't have to tell anyone...the horse already knows.

    Might be a reason, never an excuse...

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    Oct. 29, 2003
    Ocala, FL


    I have had the opportunity to go shopping several times, but like most people had limited funds. My first horse when I was 25 yeard old was brought to the farm I rode at by a dealer that my trainer works with. She was not what I was looking for (wanted a big bay or black gelding and got a small black sensative mare). I proceeded to fall in love with her anyway, but she had been in a trailer accident, so was on trial to make sure she was okay. Turned out she was lame, and I spnt @ $1,000 trying to get her sound over the month that I had her, but it was probably a problem that was there before the accident (back injury). They ended up selling her as a broodmare (or so they said). Broken hearted, I met the next horse they brought - big, but chestnut and rather intimidating and athletic (I was looking more for a quiet low level hunter and he was more of a jumper type). My trainer really pushed that he was right for me, so I bought him and she was right as far as he was great while I had him boarded with a trainer.

    I ended up getting married and boarding my horse at hubby's family farm and he was just too much horse for me in that environment. I sold him to a wonderful woman and went shopping with very little money (paid for our own wedding and bought first house). I saw an ad for a 16.2 few-spot appy for $1,600. Took my very horse-saavy SIL with me and tried the horse out. My SIL urged me to get the horse right then and there and I agreed - he was white with one black spot on his rump and was actually about 15.2, but a saint and a 10 mover. Turned out he was 1/2 lippizan and 1/2 appy. Was the horse of a lifetime for me, but certainly was not my dream horse to buy - he became my dream horse!

    When I need to retire the appy, hubby and I had been to an open house at a farm that breeds Irish Draughts and hubby and I fell in love with them. Great temperaments, big, great jumpers and a super history. Hubby surprised me and suggested that we buy one. We came back and looked at what they had and could not afford any of the broke horses so we came back another day to look at the foals (they were not yet weaned). It was an amazing experience picking out a foal and getting to raise and break him (my BIL broke him and hubby and I did all of the groundwork etc). He IS my dreamhorse and it was just so exciting to go pick out a foal of my own.
    Here is my dreamhorse:

    For anyone that DOES get to shop - it's so hard to look far. I always find one I like right away lol!

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