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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom King View Post
    quote: "Tom King: I never understood the advantage of the pop-ups -- don't you have to get in the bed of your truck anyway to hook up the chains and plug in the brakes?"

    I can hook the chains and latch the hitch by leaning in over the side while standing on the tire or running board, but can't pull the ball up by doing that. My lights and brakes plug in right inside the tailgate so I plug in just before I close the tailgate. But even if you aren't able to do that it's either an additional trip in and out of the bed or you would have to jack the trailer way above the ball when you unhitch it so you can do the switch while it's in position.
    I'm 5'4". I have a 2006 Ford F150, 4x4, with the high sided bed. (grrr). I HAVE to get into the bed of the truck to hook up the chains and emergency brake cable and to lock the coupler on the ball. I go in by stepping up on the rear wheel and over the side of the truck. MUCH easier (and less head banging) then climbing in the back.

    My trailer, a Titan, is adjusted to travel level when loaded. There is no problem with the raised up GN hitch. My hitch is rated at 25,000 pounds.

    To the OP. The coupler on the trailer has bolts that adjust it up and down. I have the rails with the GN plate. there are 4 pins that I remove if I have to take the GN plate out of the bed of the truck.

    If you have a turn-over or anything like that, you still will have things sticking up on the bed of the truck - the U Bolt things that you attach your safety chains too. They drop down pretty flat, but they are still there. If you have snow and ice, all the "things" in the bed will freeze and be a pain in the neck. If you don't haul in the winter, no problem.

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    Then go get one of these
    and you're cooking with gas.

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    Gabz, I'm with you. I am tall, but I have to get in the truck to kick the coupler and lock the hitch down, and then connect the safety chains. I couldn't do that by reaching over. I also use the tire as my step stool!

    The Una Goose does not have the bolt things int he truck, it has them on a plate that is slipped over the ball and locks down, so there is only one hole. The hole has a sleeve that you raise up to drop the ball in. I imagine if it freezes, you won't be able to drop the ball in until you melt the ice away.

    SoCal people never think of things like that...


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    Ok hopefully this is within the forum rules. This is straight from a dodge diesel enthusiast website(clean site)

    It is someone asking the exact same questions and the responses are from people who USE their trucks for all sorts of different hauling applications and some are definately pushing the limits of their trucks capabilities. anyhow hope the link is ok and helpful

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    My old truck had the last one on this page:

    It was a pain in the neck since stuff would fall down in the mechanism and jam it.
    I'm not an outlier; I just haven't found my distribution yet!

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