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    Oct. 14, 2006


    Riding at night is fantastic! For most of the summer I ride at night, usually around 930 or 10, the air is much cooler, and there are no bugs... much more comfortable for me and the beast! My guy can be a flake (OTTB) but he's always been a super star out at night.
    The ring isn't lit and there are no lights close enough to the ring to make a difference but I've learned to really trust and feel what my guy is doing and how he's feeling ~ some of the best rides I've had with him have been at night... such an awesome way to connect!

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    Jun. 28, 2003
    KY, USA


    If you time it right, you can see just as well as the horses. In the 1990's, we had several midnite rides each year with the group we regularly trail rode with. We had a great, safe place to ride (old strip mine, reputed to be 40,000 acres) with pure dirt roads all over it. We called the ride at the peak of the full moon, and didn't start until about 11:00 p.m. We trailered in, and socialized for about 20 minutes or so after the last lights were turned off. By that time, our night vision was starting to kick in, and it seemed bright as day!! What a hoot!! We would usually ride 4-6 hours, then go home for breakfast. As many as 20 of us at a time -- and memories for a lifetime.

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    Jun. 21, 2008


    Riding at night is simply beautiful. Very different and nice -especially in the summer down here in CA. The horses are very good -defnitely have etter sight than us and not as bothered , but it is easier here as at least in the southern part, we don't have woods so we have a clear view. It is very interesting riding the canyons just before sunset -in some positions, it looks like the sun is setting and the moon is "rising". I love it....

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    Nov. 10, 2005


    I love to do moonlight rides. I went on one(actually the leader) this past weekend. I was away in the mountains with a group of friends and horses. None of the others had tried it before. They were a little nervous, but trusted me to lead them. We had a blast! We rode mostly in the woods were it was pretty dark with only occasional glimpses of the moon. I had brought glow sticks and gave everyone a few to put on their saddles. It looks so neat to see all the lights bobbing thru the woods. I try to do them as often as possible. My horse has done so many that she is really nonchallant about it. I had to keep stopping her and waiting for the others because she was walking on at a nice ground covering pace. I had a head light so I could accurately lead the others.

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