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    May. 11, 2007


    I am trying to cut back but my animals are not letting me! A wounded horse (a minor injury thankfully), a $400 vet bill on my dog and now I am waiting to see what the cat will bring me.

    My horse is pretty low maintenance - he doesn't use a blanket in winter and he is only on 1 supplement that I am keeping him on and he is barefoot. I am also going to cut back in his training over the winter but not eliminate it completely. Other than his current wound he has been a low maintenance horse.

    I have put off buying a new saddle. The one I have is OK for what I do but wanted a dressage saddle since I am learning that. The only thing I may not deny myself are winter breeches. I have to ride outside here in Minnesota so I need a bit of warmth on my legs. I am also holding off signing my daughter back up for riding lessons. Maybe I'll wait until spring for that so I don't have to buy all sorts of winter gear.

    Other than that we are spending with caution. We have quite a good cash cushion which we want to keep for now.

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    Feb. 5, 2008
    Upstate NY


    Not turning on the heat till December 1 (!) if I can absolutley help it...Putting in a pellet stove to help on the oil...Telling all houseguests to wear a sweater...Bagged shavings ($5.95 ea x 80 bags a month) is the big ticket monthly item on my farm bill...I am wrestling with the idea of bulk but concerns with below 0 temps here in upstate NY are making me hesitant. Frozen shavings and blowing wind may not be worth the chance...30 yards of nice chippy bedding at $335.00 a load delivered though is tempting. Just grateful I have my horses and that today they are happy and sound!

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    Jan. 30, 2007


    You might be surprised - as long as the shavings are dry when you get them, and are kept dry, you shouldn't have too many problems with them freezing into a lump.
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    May. 8, 2004


    No vacation this year, thermostat set at 50' during the day when I'm the only one home, stocking up on hay/shavings before prices go crazy this winter. And I'm painting my barn, deck and house by myself rather than hire someone else.

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    Mar. 1, 2005


    I took on a 2nd job. I don't think I'm doing a big vacation this year, maybe just some day trips. I've stopped shopping for fun. And for food shopping, I've really gotten into clipping coupons. Less dinners out.

    I'm selling all the things I don't need, don't use, don't want, etc

    I can't do much more to economize for the horses than Im already doing. I no longer buy square hay because roundbales are so much cheaper per pound. I dont need bedding. They don't need shoes. I do all the hauling myself.

    i will say I've totally stopped driving the "towing" vehicle, my v8 truck, which only got 10mpg. I drive a Toyota that gets 34-36 mpg city or highway, and that saves *alot* of money over time.

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    Mar. 7, 2003
    Horse Heaven, GA :-)


    I have a big pile of horse stuff to sell right here beside my desk. Normally I wouldn't part with so much stuff and would just send it to the consignment store, but I'm thinking of listing this myself (perhaps on Bits & Barter) so I can keep all the money. I guess it'll be worth the trouble...
    Y'all ain't right!

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    Jul. 11, 2007


    Ok wow this thread is making me feel a lot better because I was convinced I was alone in my poverty-stricken misery....

    No showing, no lessons, no hauling. It is BAD right now. I went from showing once or twice a month to nothing at all. As a result, I'm hardly riding at all. I'm not one of those people that can make the sacrifices that keeping a horse event-ready demands without a show to look forward to. Its actually throwing me into a really nice depression.

    Also, no clipping. My horse is being pasture boarded and I can't afford to drive out there and blanket him. I put him up for sale, but I priced him relatively high since I really, really don't want to sell him. He's worth every single penny of my asking price, but who the hell is buying horses in this economy? I'd bet the prospective buyers out there right now are less than a quarter of those who were looking two years ago...

    To add insult to injury, last Christmas I got a brand new F-250 king ranch that I was thrilled to have because I love it and so that I could haul. Now it sits in the driveway since I can't afford to fill it up much less hook up and go to a show at 10 miles to the gallon.

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    Jan. 17, 2007


    Already bare bones, not much more I can cut down on horse wise...
    I pay as of yet, 250 a month for board which includes hay and safe choice and turn out etc... I trim his feet myself...
    Vet work is done on a "clinic" basis, but I am going to do his fall shots on my own... I expect the board fee will go up though,
    Tara, Formerly BlackWatchLady
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    Jun. 22, 2001
    Coatesville, Pa.



    I am so glad I put up this thread!!! Not only are there great ideas in these pages but a growing sense of camraderie. We're horse people and we are all tough folks who can survive falling off and wipe the dirt off and hop back on!! we can get through this too.

    For those with trucks sitting not running, I highly reccomend you throw some attention to all the proper steps to prepare a vehicle for storage. Mainly the fluids should be topped up to the fill levels, and even run it for a mere half hour a week to maintain the seals. An Rv website would likely show a checklist.

    Keep it coming guys... we're all in this together.

    "Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgment that something is more important than fear. The brave may not live forever but the cautious do not live at all." ~2001 The Princess Diaries

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    Oct. 14, 2004


    Quote Originally Posted by Jealoushe View Post
    Im going to become a stripper

    haha...just kidding!!!!!

    Believe me, I DID think of that. Unfortunately, don't have the body for it..
    MnToBe Twinkle Star: "Twinkie"

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    Jun. 22, 2008
    Outside Ocala FL - Horse Capital of the World


    Quote Originally Posted by Xctrygirl View Post
    For those with trucks sitting not running, I highly reccomend you throw some attention to all the proper steps to prepare a vehicle for storage. Mainly the fluids should be topped up to the fill levels, and even run it for a mere half hour a week to maintain the seals. An Rv website would likely show a checklist.
    I was just thinking that - years ago I had two vehicles, the gas hog one-ton truck and my day car. My mechanic told me I must drive the truck at least once a week to keep it "sound". So I would drive it on Saturdays to the boarding barn, and make all my truck type errands that same day.

    I've cut back on what seems to be frivious to me, but I'm still doing my small part to keep the economy going, bought a new horse trailer this week, not an extravagant model, but the price was right, it was what I needed, and the trade in was a good deal. I figure I will save gas milage (the new trailer is lighter weight), will save money (no trailer repair bills for a few years), and the dealer gets a bit of money into his business, and hopefully he can also sell my trade in for a little profit.

    And I'm not giving up my 4 day trip to Ohio to the QH Congress. I almost did skip it this year, but. . . this is my only vacation trip this whole year.

    I do plan my driving trips, to do all the errands in one trip when I can, drive less, all low energy light bulbs in the house, eating out less.

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    Jan. 12, 2004


    I certainly do my share of complaining about Florida, the costs of horse involvement here, etc. But I am thankful for not having to face steep heating costs over the winter. A lot of people are going to be making the decision whether to heat their homes or pay the bills. Who knew we would see this happening...

    I cut back on a lot of things starting last year, once the land development-related raises and bonuses began to disappear as did my discretionary income. Then my house value plummeted and I became even more wary and cautious. I guess I can count myself lucky that I am young so my retirement funds will have some time to recover, but I find myself worrying about my folks more.
    "Horses give us the wings we lack"

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    Jul. 5, 2008


    I sold a ton of old items on craigslist and ended up making an extra $1000 in just over a week! Gotta love craigslist!

    Other than that, I haven't cut down much besides driving the car with the better MPG.

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    Sep. 25, 2003
    Rochester, NY

    Talking cigs?

    Quote Originally Posted by CanTango1 View Post
    Im keeping my Cigs though, Giving up all this other stuff ?? Fine, But I must keep my one vice.......

    Actually this is the one thing you SHOULD give up!
    “ride your own horse” from sayings for life.

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    Mar. 18, 2006


    I will be blanketing earlier this year. It really helps save on the hay bill.

    I'm also really enjoying the fact that I shred my junk mail for bedding. Completely 100% free.

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    Jun. 24, 2005


    Wow - you can really use shredded paper for bedding? Had not thought of that. What about the ink - when it gets wet? I have heard about using newspaper, but not junk mail.
    Good tip!

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    Jul. 3, 2007


    I know I should, and one day I will but for me its more of a 5 min destress thing... and right now, I need those 5 mins !! hahaha

    On another note- with my big " cost cutting ideas " getting my hair done got the big ax, so instead of a $100 bill I spent 9.00 on a nice box dye, Very pretty color, really liked it.. Dark Brown with a hint of Red...

    Until I put it on my head......... that hint of Red... uhh yeah try bright reddish blonde which makes a beautiful hint of ORANGE

    Dumb,Dumb,Dumb,Dumb Dumb !!!
    Ride it like you stole it....ohhh sh*t

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    Aug. 21, 2008


    I've gone from using bagged shavings to wood pellets. I was spending $50.00 a week on shavings and now I'm only spending $30.00. I've also dropped back from the Nutrena Legacy at $18.00 a bag to Nutrena Triumph at $12.00 a bag. That is saving me $12.00 a week. That's almost $130 a month that I can put toward heating fuel, groceries, etc. and the horses seem to be just as happy this way as before. We've also been buying round bales and feeding them in the pasture instead of hauling squares out. That has helped a LOT on our hay bill as well as time wise in the mornings. With the harsh winter here in Maine we won't be able to do that much longer but I'll keep putting them out as long as I can.

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    Jul. 30, 2008
    Sioux Falls, SD


    Quote Originally Posted by MintHillFarm View Post
    Bagged shavings ($5.95 ea x 80 bags a month) is the big ticket monthly item on my farm bill...I am wrestling with the idea of bulk but concerns with below 0 temps here in upstate NY are making me hesitant. Frozen shavings and blowing wind may not be worth the chance...30 yards of nice chippy bedding at $335.00 a load delivered though is tempting.
    I'd go for it. I'm in South Dakota, and we have similar winters, and always have at least a two week stretch where the actual temperature hovers between 20-30 below (windchillds of 60-80 below 0). The barn I boarded and worked at last winter uses bulk shavings and they are stored in a 3 sided shed. They never froze.

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    Dec. 18, 2003


    Thanks for starting this thead. It is making me feel better.

    I stopped taking lessons in the summer. Have not had a lesson since last May. It felt weird at first but I have gotten used to doing it on my own. I have one more HT to do this fall and that is it. No more showing. Not even local/cheap shows.

    One of my horses is doing really well with accupuncture - which is helping tremendously with a sore back. I am going to call the clinic and ask if I can get a lower rate for his accu visits. If not, those will have to stop. Right now they are $100/visit. They are hard for me to cut off because they help him SO much.

    I stopped feeding hoof supplements in the spring.

    I am getting all my hay from my neighbor this year. Bales are 4.50 and doing rounds at 40/bale.

    I do shots myself and get them online. Fortunately in Virginia we can buy rabies vax so I have that covered.

    Am feeding plain oats and top dressing with a vitamin supplement. Cheapest oats I've found are Producers Pride at Tractor - 11.50/bag.

    I really need some new jeans as most of mine are getting pretty thin and some are a little too tight! But that is not happening.

    Buying only the essentials - food. laundry detergent, etc.

    Doing lots of pasture maintenance/upkeep to make sure it is producing for horses. Which means managing the horses more as I only have 6 acres of pasture and 5 horses. So lots of time spent cleaning stalls and a bluestone sacrifice paddock.

    Husband and I are very very worried about where this economy is going.

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