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    Jul. 17, 2007


    Quote Originally Posted by archieflies View Post

    5 pairs of Dublin Easy Care Half Chaps. Reg $30, for $3 each
    Weatherbeeta "Fleece Range" Cooler. Reg $68, for $13.50
    Weatherbeeta "Mesh Range" Fly Sheet. Reg $72, for $14.39 (they had several, but I just got one- I'm proud of my self-control)
    White Roma Square Pad. Reg $20 for $10 (nothing too amazing, but I did need a new white pad!)
    These are all Weatherbeeta brand products. I know of many tack stores dumping all Weatherbeeta products when the news went out about Weatherbeeta opening up franchise stores. It's nice to hear that TSC joined that bandwagon. Way to go TSC!

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    May. 28, 2006


    Wow, that's awesome! When I was down in Orlando, I went to the bigbigbig mall full of all the designer stores (hey, it's fun to look!), and I went to the Urban Outfitters store. Sort of a boho, teen, save the trees clothing place. Well, hidden back in one corner, they had shoes, but the selection and quantity really sucked. However, half a shelf had old, "pre-loved" cowboy boots on it. My eagle eyes saw a logo stamped on a pair, with three horseshoes looped together. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, a pair of Ariats! In my size, brand new, super cheap. I was psyched! When I took them to the counter, the girl says "oh, these are really cute!" I said "Yeah, did you know that these are real? Like, to ride in?" She goes...this cracks me up..."Yeah, they're super cool, we bought them, like, vintage from someone, so you'll be the only girl in town who has them!"
    I said Neat! and tried not to laugh on the way out

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    Quote Originally Posted by TackShopGal View Post
    These are all Weatherbeeta brand products. I know of many tack stores dumping all Weatherbeeta products when the news went out about Weatherbeeta opening up franchise stores.!
    Explain please!

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    Jul. 14, 2008


    As an employee of TSC, I'm glad you're finding good things! We don't have too much horsey stuff on clearance at my store, but I do enjoy my employee benefits!!

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    Jan. 11, 2007
    Central VA


    I was in TSC last week to buy a door roller for my big sliding barn doors and noticed they had jeans on clearance... wound up paying $4.70 for a pair of Cruel Girl jeans. Never tried the brand before but figured for that price, heck, I'll muck in them this winter if I don't like them enough to wear them in public! Sucks they only had one pair in my size though. TSC clearance rocks!!!

    I'm jealous of everyone's horsey thrift store finds... I love me some thrift store shopping! There's a tiny thrift store near my work where I often go on my lunch hour, and I did find a windbreaker with a huge embroidered jumping horse/rider on the back for 50 cents. It was a team jacket from a barn. It has someone's name embroidered on the front, that's the only downside. But hey for 50 cents, I'll wear it and people can call me by her name!

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    Apr. 1, 2008


    Man, now I feel let down.

    We just had a TSC open last year and nothing ever seems to go on clearance and they carry no english tack. Don't carry paddock boots either. Wish they did though, as I need some.

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    Oct. 31, 2006


    Those are great deals! My TSC is too far away to bargain hunt often, but they do have some nice advertised specials from time to time.

    Got a brand new black XL tipperary vest at a small horse tack auction on the way back home yesterday. $15. I was stoked, figuring it's perfect for those times I think a little extra padding might be in order, and the price was phenominal.

    Got home, and hubby tells me his vest, which he gallops racehorses in daily, is coming apart at the seams.

    I go back to the truck, take that little sigh of reflection, grab vest from the cab and say here ya go.

    Ah well, I also got 2 pairs of SMBIIs for $15 and a new leather jaguar girth for $15, so I'm not going to sulk too much

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    Sep. 2, 2005
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    Obviously my Tractor Supply store is broken in some way. No good clearance stuff at mine. The only things I find clearance are strange things I would imagine no one would ever use and not horse related. And for sure there is no English stuff there at all.

    They did have a bunch of bits on clearance recently but I could not see something marked down from its crazy over priced state of $40 (for a plain snaffle) to $36 as a great deal.

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    Apr. 7, 2006
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    Ah! upon the advice of the OP I stopped at Tractor Supply today while I was in town. I usually never go because they have *nothing* english and for a "farm" store they sure have a hard-to-get-to location, requiring a good 15 minute drive through suburban sprawl from any rural location.

    Anyway, what a rockin' clearance section! In the back I found Absorbine hoof polish for $2, Cowboy Magic green spot remover for $8, fly sheets for $15, bell boots for $3, then as I was leaving I found Shapely's horse shampoo for .25, Oster hoof wipes for .25, and helmet covers for .25! I bought sacks full of the quarter items! An unbeatable price for horse show prizes!

    Then stopped at Atwoods AKA the "real" farm store on the way home and they had horse stuff clearanced too- I bought a dozen (!?) SuperMask flymasks for $2.50 each and a bottle of watermelon scented pony-shampoo for $2 (I couldn't resist! LOL)

    I didn't need half that stuff, but gosh, who could pass it up?

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