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    Oct. 30, 2006

    Default Weirdest horse dream ever??

    Out of no where I had a crazy dream about horses last night. Share yours!

    I typically never dream about horses (though they are on my mind all day).

    Last night...

    I was taking a bay gelding to a hunter pace, and I was really nervous because I was hauling/going by myself. I met a friend there, who is this older woman I used to teach a few years ago. She was in her full western gear at the hunter pace.

    Anyway I saddle my horse and try to put the bridle on but even though I was riding english, I was using this really crazy gag type bit with a chain mouthpiece.

    We start riding out and I'm nervous that we are going to lose the group. My horse gets nervous and I don't like how the gag bit is acting in his mouth, and the harsh bit is making him even more agitated.

    I decided I didn't want to use it anymore so I wanted to buy another. There was an on-site tack dealer there (weird, I know) so I looked for a bit in her store. There were no normal d rings or eggbutts. I selected this one bit, the middle was made of rope and on each side there was a heavy metal circle that the rein retracted into (think, like a tape measure).

    At the same time, the sky gets dark, the wind picks up, and all of a sudden a tornado comes!! Everyone jumps off their horse, untacks, and sets them free to run away.

    The tornado misses us so we all gather our horses and tack up again. I'm trying to use my newfangled bit, I couldn't get it to work for my horse though. It was like a dream where you are trying to run but you can't - well in this dream I was trying to bridle him but it didn't work.

    So I tell the tack shop lady I need another bit and she says follow me. We run (literally) to her house. She tells me the bit is in the kitchen, so I go in there and start digging through piles of tack trying to find it. I turn around to ask again where it is, and she is cocking a shotgun in front of me

    And then I wake up.

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    Feb. 23, 2005
    Spotsylvania, VA

    Default The first and only time I dreamed about my late mother

    My mom, in her later years, was not a huge supporter of my riding. She had been dead a few years and I dreamed about her watching me ride a big bay KWPN stallion in an indoor arena. I ride Irish and have never expressed interest in a Dutch stallion so I have NO idea where that came from, and have never had more than a passing interest in owning a stallion. I remember the feel of sitting that stallions trot. Movements that I had trouble with simply FLOWED. And my mother buying him.

    I drove to work that morning feeling very happy and at peace that mom and I had reconciled about my riding.

    It was 9-11.
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    May. 6, 2007
    Napanee ON


    I've had a recurring dream from about the age of 15 and still have it every now and then but they are always a slight bit different.

    My friend and I are driving on a random road trip and we see an event taking place and get out to watch. Someone comes up to me and tells me they can't ride their horse and want me to take it cross-country. It is always a grey horse and the course is always ridiculously crazy and huge but I am excited..then we crash in the water jump! I have no fear of water jumps so I always find that strange...

    I also have dreams where I am late getting to the even and almost miss my dressage test but always make it. I had a dream last week my mom bought 4 more horses and I just told her she was crazy

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    May. 28, 2008


    I had a dream once where my horse and I went to a fair together. I wasn't riding her, she was just walking alongside me. We got to the ferris wheel and it was full of all the characters from books, movies, TV shows, etc. that I like. So we decided we wanted to have a party and I suggested my house. Everyone thought this was a fabulous idea so I just hitched my horse up to the ferris wheel and we walked home, her pulling the whole ferris wheel.

    I've also had dreams where I'm riding and something strange happens, like Lola will go over a jump and just keep going up, or we'll be riding underwater or something. Cra-azy subconcious.

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    I have a recurring dream that I'm at a major show (usually Devon or Harrisburg) and perfectly relaxed, everything is going just right. Then suddenly my class is starting and my horse isn't braided or tacked up, I'm not dressed, and I have this frantic rush to try to get to the ring.

    I hate that dream.

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    Mar. 26, 2005
    Back to Normal.. or as close as I'll ever get


    Many years ago I had a friend from the Netherlands.
    We never talked about horses and I wasn't yet a re-rider when I knew her.

    While we were still close, I had a very vivid dream about riding through the woods with her.

    Many (20+) years later we got together and she visited my farmette.
    That's when she told me she used to ride with her sister (D'OH! Dutch Warmbloods!) through the woods near their house......

    The minute she told me, that dream came back to me in all it's detail.
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    Dec. 8, 2003


    Some years ago a co-worker related a dream she had about my horse. She was walking along a road and came to a fork. There was my gray TB, Calvin, standing by pointing the way for her to turn.

    As for my own horse dreams, they are seldom, but one stands out. More a hallucination than a dream, really. In reality, one winter evening Calvin had peed in the aisle. I cleaned the mess, then saw that some of the leftover moisture was turning to ice. So I tossed some salt on it before I went home. That night in bed, I tossed and turned in a cold sweat, convinced that the salt had combined with the urine to form a toxic cloud that killed every horse in the barn. (Turns out I was feverish, coming down with a cold.)

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    Mar. 13, 2007


    I have a recurrent dream whenever I'm under a lot of stress. Like MyGiantPony, I'm at a show, only I realize I don't have my breeches (or my boots, or a bridle)—the missing item is always different. Then I'm running around trying to replace the missing item, getting more and more freaked out. The horse is usually different, too. Sometimes it's my old pony from junior days, sometimes it's one of my current ones, and sometimes it's a completely fictional horse.

    I always wake up sweating and terrified!
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    Jul. 16, 2003


    I hadn't heard from my brother for a couple of years at that point. I dreamed that I was leading him (halter and leadrope, Western saddle) on a QH gelding I used to ride and take care of, back when I was 14. We went over this cream-colored wooden bridge, shaped in a slight arc, over a beautiful stream framed by weeping willows and cattails. On the other side, I saw several other horses from my childhood, Willem, and a couple of other horses who I had "met" online who had passed away. There were two plump Minis up in a tree (not sure of the type, but with the kind of trunk that slopes very gently off of the ground, wide, and covered in moss), about 5' in the air. When they saw me, they ambled back down the trunk and came up to me for scritches.

    I was really worried about my brother for a few days (his cell phone and e-mail hadn't been working for all that time, so I couldn't get ahold of him). 3 days later, he called me, and we've been able to stay in touch since.
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    Sep. 25, 2008
    Angier, NC


    I just had this crazy dream a few nights back! hehehe. This is funny.

    I had a family move 4 horse into my farm. The husband had pulled me aside and said "My wife and my daughter ride well and I'm kind of embarrassed that they know more than me... I'd like to take a few lessons and have you work with my horse a little bit too...". So in my dream I break into the whole sales pitch about how I school horses and I could hear myself talking about getting the horse to relax and getting them to stretch long and low and work on a loose rein to start with... and then I got into conformation affecting how a horse works and walked up to the horses stall to get a better look.

    Well to my HORROR the horse has... well he is like a kitchen table with a wooden neck and head... straight wooden legs and he is on wheels, LOL! With this crazy weird expression on his face like some crazy grin.

    Perplexed I look at them and say "um... this... this horse is on wheels, he doesn't even have hocks?!? he can't even trot!" and the mom said to me just as serious as can be "oh no you have to be careful, when you go to turn him out he can be a handful!" and I just stood there staring into the stall at this wooden horse like thing that looked like a giant childs pull toy.

    I woke up laughing and had to tell my SO. We both were laughing about it all day.

    The only thing I can gather is we had gone to an event that day where there were a lot of walking/gaited horses and I remember looking at them doing their 'gait' and thinking how strange it looks. hehe.


    On a side note I have a repeat dream every few years that I remember I still owned my first horse (who is long since dead) and I panic that I forgot about him and left him at a boarding barn. Always turns up I owe like 4 years of board, he is skinny... I have a lot of explaining to do. ?!?!? And I always get the feeling of "Why would I do this? I loved this horse and always took care of him til the day he died? He would have been a GREAT horse for my son... he have been a perfect school pony... why did I do this?!?"

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    Feb. 5, 2008
    Bluffs of the Broad River


    I have also had the day of the show panic dream...I figure it is alot like the showing up to school naked dream.

    But...more recently I have a really funny dream about a horse. My friends and I were at a rodeo watching the barrel racing. One of the riders gets hurt and cant do her run. Her horses asks for volunteers from the audience to ride for the hurt girl. My friend volunteers (male) and the audience starts heckling him that boys cant barrel race blah blah blah. He tells them all that he is gonna win! The horse announces that in order for my friend to ride he must put on all of the girls clothes. Pink shirt with sparkely fringe, pink hat, etc. This really gets the audience going. He chances into the girls outfit and he and the horse win, happily ever after style!

    The weird part, besides the talking horse and the semi cross dressing is that I had not known this person for very long and did not know that at some point in their life they had been a pretty competitive barrel racer. As I was telling this story he was getting an odd look in his eye. Eventually he was like...uh, you do know I barrel raced right? Uh, no... Also, I have only been to maybe 2 or 3 barrel races in my life. Really odd but very funny...I woke up rolling!
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    Feb. 2, 2003
    Iowa, USA

    Default recent weird horse dream

    in this dream, my 20yo chestnut, Kip, suddenly went gray except for one patch of chestnut on his shoulder. In the weird "logic" of dreams, this color change was not at all remarkable, I just kind of shrugged that oh well, guess he turned gray. And Kip was harnessed and very comfortably and calmly pulling a 4-wheel cart (note that he's not remotely harness trained in real life) up a long flight of marble stairs, one step at a time, bump-bump-bump. I can still hear the sound of the carriage on those stairs. The dream really freaked me out the whole following day. It just seemed like there was some symbolism in there that I needed to understand (but haven't yet )

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    Oct. 5, 2000


    My old Palomino (my first horse) had huge lion's paws instead of hooves. She was threatening to jump off the barn roof. That one recurred a few times.

    My old dead Moody, my dearest horse, was alive but for some reason I didn't own him, or couldn't own him, or he was quite old and I couldn't own him for some reason.. that one is somewhat recurring.

    Those are the oddest.

    I get a great one where I'm on a green or unbroke horse I've just bought, and we go into some low level schooling type show.. still a nice schooling show.. and somehow win on the flat. Can't recall ever winning O/F in those dreams

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    Oct. 5, 2000


    Oh wait..just a few days ago.. I dreamt I was going to take Hesta out for our first trail ride with my western barn mates... so took my BO's horsehair reins to use on her bridle.. and cut the reins b/c they were too long. Then when we left, the reins kept getting shorter and shorter untill there were no reins at all, and I was just holding onto her mane. But in perfect dreamlogic, I thought: Oh well. Whatever. I guess we'll be OK.

    Perhaps that one was a little reminder NOT to get in her mouth with her like I sometimes slip up and do. I think it did work.
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    Mar. 22, 2007

    Default I have one

    I'm at the ingate and my horse is entered in the Grand Prix. He is to be ridden by Mary Lise Leffler. Keep in mind, although my horse is a saint and has been to a million horse shows, he is far from being a jumper. Nobody seems to be concerned with this fact. There is a fan jump-I tell her to aim for the narrow side!

    I also have a reoccuring dream of being at the show and not braided yet and then stressing out on whether or not I have time.

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    May. 8, 2004


    Wow. We really do live, breathe and dream horses.

    I had a very vivid, recurring dream for over ten years after I had to sell my horse to go to college. She was my entire life and it was a trauma having to sell her. I worked off her board, so every day before school for 5 years, I ran 1/2 mile through the all the back yards in the neighborhood to get to the barn to feed and turn out, and I did the same thing after school.

    After she was sold, I had a recurring nightmare that "Chai" was still in the barn waiting to be fed! I would wake up in a panic, thinking, "OH! I have to get to the barn!" It was very weird, and even when I would wake up, and tell myself it wasn't real, it would take me a while to accept that she really had been gone for a long time.

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    May. 20, 2008


    Before every horse show, I would have a nightmare about horrible things happening, either getting ready to leave for the show, or during the show!

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    Sep. 30, 2008


    I dreamt I pulled into an event and saw that stadium jumping was set up on a nice, grassy, very steep ski slope. I laughed and thought to myself, "I should have schooled more hills!". I don't know how they got the jumps to stay vertical; I never got around to riding it in my dream.

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    Feb. 4, 2001
    Sheridan, IN


    I had a dream that my chestnut Tb mare foaled a palomino colt with chrome. She had been bred to a bay Tb. In my dream I went through the entire genetic possibility of such a thing and came to the conclusion that the stallion had produced chestnut offspring so somewhere in he was hiding a cream gene. It was very involved and detailed. *shrug* She actually had a chestnut colt that is nearly a clone of her, color wise, but he has high whites all the way around she just has them behind.

    I also have the I forgot my tack and also the I am out on course without walking it and can't find the next fence dream.

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    I had a weird dream last night... I let some ride my horse, and he got out of control in the indoor. He jumped over the bangboards, and fell between the bangboards and the wall (apparently, that space grew quite a bit for a horse to fit, lol). Then he turned into my other horse, who is crippled and usless, and I was freaking out and screaming for someone to help get him out because I was afraid he'd hurt himself. So we managed to get him out (I think we had to cut away the wall on the other side), and he was okay. But then the BO texted me and told me I had to take him somewhere else immediately, and I texted back and said I should have a week's notice, and would have him gone within the week. Then me and Mendin Fences were driving around looking for a place, only it wasn't going too well because she made me drink a lot (which isn't weird at all, actually, she's a very bad influence on me). And the man who gave us my crippled useless horse figured in there somehow.. we were in his indoor (not on horses), and like half of it was a raised platform, and the rest was lower and covered in glass mirrors (the ground!).

    It was very, very strange.

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