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    Interesting insight into clones....

    The origin of a clone, at least using the current technology, does not involve sperm cells at all. In the few successful attempts at cloning animals, scientists have removed the nucleus of an egg cell from one animal (Animal A) and replaced the nucleus with the nucleus from a cell from another animal (Animal B). The resulting embryo is then implanted into the uterus of a female animal of that species (Animal C). When the clone is born, it is a genetic copy of Animal B. From here:

    Another interesting read for the non-scientific: What Is Cloning?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HydroPHILE View Post
    $300,000+ last time I knew.

    No, former TB racehorse clones could not be raced as the JC doesn't allow clones, offspring of mares receiving fertility treatments, or artificially inseminated horses.
    But what about the offspring of a clone? Say, if someone cloned Barbaro; I know the clone couldn't race, but could the offspring?
    "My shopping list is getting long but I will add the marshmallows right below the napalm." -Weighaton

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    I rode a GT sister at one time. And she was an OK girl. But I would not have called her spectacular. I can't remember, but I think she was a half sister.

    Cloning IS interesting. Would I do it (money aside)? No. That part of me that misses Bear terribly, would jump at the chance. But the realistic side of me knows it would neve really be the same Bear.

    In the words of Dan Folgelberg "It's breeding. It's training. It's something unknown, that drives them and carries them home"

    The genetic makeup does not, alone, make the horse.
    I\'m not crazy. I\'m just a little unwell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HydroPHILE View Post
    I guess, in my mind, it's more or less the owners saying, "okay, well we screwed up gelding there any way we can 'breed' GT by making a clone?" AKA "How can we continue to make money off of GT?"

    Don't get me wrong, I think it'd be great if this colt could produce great offspring since he's the genetic copy of GT, but it also seems a little greedy.
    It's ok to breed him if he was never gelded, but spending a ton of money to get sperm from a clone that may not work out is greedy?

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