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    Default Hyphen in web address not recognized

    Hi - My web address contains a hyphen in it (e.g., For some reason, although my address shows the hyphen, the link itself ignores the hyphen. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!

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    Sorry--just saw this question. Are you still having trouble or did you already figure out a solution? When I click on your link, it takes me to your site w/o a problem.

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    I forgot all about this. When it's in the signature line itself, the hyphen is ignored. Suggestions?

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    Not a Mod but I *think* it's OK to offer help here. When you are putting in your signature, after you paste in the link, click on the square in the upper right corner of the border of the dialogue box (wow that's a mouthful). The square has a normal looking letter "A", and a bold, italic and underlined letter "A". When you click on it, it spells out what you have just entered in HTML-speak. You can look and see if the hyphen is in your web address, and fix it in that view if it is not, for some reason.

    For example, what looks in my signature like a link for "Nique's colt born 5/31" looks like this in HTML. Oh, FYI, I added a few spaces into it so it wouldn't automatically go back to being a link.

    [url=" http: //"]Nique's colt born 5/31[/ URL]

    So if I looked in the http:// string and saw something amiss, I could fix it. Good luck! Hope this works for you.
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