I have a really lovely TB/Conn mare that I don't have time to ride, and she is in need of a job -- and lots of love from the right person.

This dappled gray mare is 10 years old, ~ 16'. She is by Ballinaboy Eamon, and looks quite like her daddy. I got this mare as a young event horse in training, and after a few years off, restarted her as a dressage horse (due to my change in focus, not the horse's abilities!). When I first got her, she was an absolutely pleasure to jump, although she hasn't jumped in years. She has a lovely outline and 3 good gates. She is light, naturally forward and comfortable. She was going beautifully at first level and starting schooling second when I gave her some time off over the winter to deal with a mild stifle injury, and subsequently started riding another horse in my barn. Unfortunately, my partnership with this other horse has really taken off, and since I really only have time to ride 1 hourse, I just haven't been able to devote the attention to this mare that she deserves. At the moment, she's living a life of ease, and I think she misses having a good job! She has a terrific work ethic, and clearly gets a lot of satisfaction from a job well done.

She is absolutely the sweetest horse I've ever had, and is never "marish." She is profoundly interested in her person, and can't get enough cuddles and kisses. She trailers, stands for the farrier/vet, and is generally easy to handle on the ground. Oh, and she has awesome feet :-)

All of that said, however, this mare is NOT for anything less than an ADVANCED, EXPERIENCED, CONFIDENT rider with exceptional hands. While she is very clever and can be quite bold, she is spooky. On the one hand, I've had deer explode out of the bushes almost under her feet while hacking -- and she just sort of planted all 4 feet and started -- I've also had her spin and run across the arena bucking with very little serious provocation. It doesn't happen often -- in 2 years of serious schooling I can count the occurences on 1 hand -- but the potential is there. The mare has also been known to rear, although she has not done this with me since I first got her 6 years ago, and there were times during schooling over the last 2 years when I was definitely pushing her buttons. She did, however, rear with a girl I had ride her once while out of town, and once with a gal who was going to start working with her earlier this year. I think she'll work her heart out for a rider that she trusts and believes in, but is unsuitable for anyone who cannot establish this kind of relationship this with her.

I am going to be extremely picky about a home for her. There is absolutely no reason for me to rush to place her -- the only reason I'm even thinking about a giveaway is I don't have time to work her back into sale condition, and it might be a nice way to match her to a great home. Given this mare's history, I would love to see her go to a young professional who has the experience and attitude to help her realize her potential, but is looking for an inexpensive opportunity. If I don't find the right home for her, I will certainly keep her and eventually get her going again. I really love this horse, and would pay to keep her as a pasture ornament indefinitely before I sent her to an iffy home.

If you're interested, please PM me. I particularly would like to know your circumstances and experience.