"Minerva" is available for free lease or free to the right home. She is 25 years young, 16 hands, and sweet sweet sweet! Her full name is Causeway's Minerva Amiego - she is out of a TB mare and by Amiego (who won bronze at the Pan Am Games and shares a dam with Abdullah). She shows her good breeding with beautiful big movement and a noble presence.

She has arthritis in her right front, so she can only do light w/t with a not too heavy rider. She is slightly off at the trot and right lead canter, but she truly enjoys going out for rides still and the vet says it's the best thing for her. She LOVES trails and gets happy and excited and acts young again when she's out and about. She is willing to canter out on the trails and is even totally willing to gallop and hop over logs if you come across one, but in the arena she'd usually rather not do more than trot. She is safe enough in the arena for anyone, she's especially great for beginner w/t lunge lessons - you couldn't find a better horse for that. She is very easy and quiet to handle on the ground - she has been handled by 5 year olds on up and ridden by 7 year olds on up for many years. She loves being spoiled and groomed by the children and will stand quietly in heaven for hours while they brush and fuss over her!

She would also be an excellent therapeutic riding horse! She never spooks and while she is 16 hands, she doesn't feel really big when you're on her due to her growing swayback.

She has had 3 beautiful babies in her lifetime, but I am adamant that she not be bred! She is too old, and while in foal with her last baby she had to have colic surgery (this was 5 years ago). Everything worked out ok, and she has never colicked before or after that episode.

She is at the low end of the totem pole in the field, but isn't afraid to stick up for herself a little bit if she needs to. She never picks fights, gets along with everybody unless they pick a fight first and even then she's more likely to run away than kick back. She tolerates playing babies well so she would also be a good babysitter.

A couple photos from last fall:



Located in Cincinnati, Ohio. I can help with transportation for the perfect home. Contact Shawn at FlyingHeartsFarm@yahoo.com for more information.