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    Jan. 16, 2008


    Saddle - I don't know, it's old though. No knee rolls, flat seat, its my favorite and I learned how to ride in it. I just switched back to it last night from an actual jumping saddle.

    Bridle - HDR Advantage plain raised bridle

    Girth - I have one white rope girth someone gave to me to fit my hony, and a Courbette Overlay girth.

    Martingale - I really don't know, I traded for it and it's really nice quality.

    Boots - None for show, at home I use SMB 2's on the back and cheap splint boots and bell boots on the fronts.

    Field Boots - I have the Devon Aire Nouvelle zip ups, but I've been showing in a friends Devon Aire Nouvelle dress boots and they kill my ankles.

    Helmet - Currently a black Troxel with the dial system, I'm switching to a Tipperary Sportage Plus since I will no longer be doing any hunter classes.
    To be loved by a horse, or by any animal, should fill us with awe-
    for we have not deserved it.
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    choosemusic Guest

    Default tackk

    saddle- pessoa
    bridle- wellington
    girth- kincade fleece
    martingale Suffolk
    horse boots- eskadron
    field boots- ariat heritage
    helmet- Charles Owen GR8

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    Nov. 16, 2007
    BC, Canada


    Quote Originally Posted by BAC View Post
    If you are referring to the Antares bridle, it does not look or feel like "any other bridle" IMO. In fact the leather feels amazing before it is even oiled or broken in and as far as looking like others, it has a padded crown with extra fancy stitching on the crown as well as the little silver Antares button on the browband. Yes it has all the standard pieces though, cavesson, browband, reins, cheek pieces, how different can it be?

    For $500 it is far superior in quality to the Beval Heritage, which is as expensive or more and a Hadfields will cost you about $700 minimum including reins. At least Antares reins are included in the price, a Hadfields will be over $400 plus reins start at about $275 and up. I think the Antares price is very reasonable for the quality.
    I guess it came out wrong, the one I saw on display at the store was definetly very nice! I had a different feel in my mind for some strange reason! The padding was soft but the actual leather felt no different in my opinion.. No doubt they are worth it though! Maybee I will splurge at the Masters this year!

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    Aug. 9, 2008


    saddle- Butet
    bridle- Treadstone
    girth-cheap fuzzy
    martingale (if have)-Treadstone
    horse boots-Eskadrons
    field boots-Ariats

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    Mar. 20, 2007
    North of South, West of East


    saddle- Amerigo and Crosby
    bridle- Vespucci, Dover Circuit, Unk
    girth- Northrun, Lettia schooling, Toklat schooling
    martingale- Vespucci, Unk
    horse boots- Beval, Dover Pro Sports, Woof, Dover Premier (I think I have sold over 4 pairs this summer)
    field boots- Ariat
    helmet- brown GPA is the only non-dead one right now.

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    Jul. 24, 2008


    saddle- Mondega Amara CC. (I am shopping for a second for Weaver)
    bridle- Connamara Raised Bridle, Mondega Padded Hunter Bridle, MOndega Fancy Stitched Bridle
    girth- Shedrow Fleece lined girth, and I have a couple of leather girths I have had for years but I have no idea what they are anymore
    martingale (if have) - no name cheap ones that I use for schooling only
    horse boots- Shedrow open front and ankles in Baby Blue and Black. I also have a tone of polo's
    field boots- Ariat Crowne Pro Field boots, non zip
    helmet- IRH ATH for schooling and CO Hampton for show.
    Life is Tough ~ Get a helmet

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    Dec. 10, 2004
    Zone 10


    saddle- butet
    bridle- equisport custom and antares... and some other random assorted schooling ones
    girth- jimmy's, professional choice, antares, edgewood
    martingale- antares and equisport custom
    horse boots- T-boots, eskadrons, leather open fronts.
    field boots- 2 pairs of ariats and elite grand prix's
    helmet- CO GR8 and a GPA
    -Ultimate Prize-

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    Aug. 22, 2005


    saddle - Butet and Barnsby Esprit
    bridle - Arc de Triomphes for showing, Bobbys & Courbette for schooling
    girth - fleece comfort girth
    martingale - Arc de Triomphe, Courbette
    horse boots - Eskadrons
    field boots - Ariat Crownes
    helmet - GPA Textium

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    Sep. 5, 2007


    saddle- Beval LTD & Beval Gladstone
    bridle-Beval New Canaan & Wellington
    girth- Leather fuzzy pony one (no idea of brand) & nylon fuzzy one (no idea of brand), Northrun Leather Girth
    martingale (if have)- Beval
    horse boots- Euro Prix (Heidi boots)
    field boots- Vogel customs (no zippers.... YET)
    helmet- CO GR8

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    Nov. 23, 2007
    Wherever Horses Are...

    Default OK I will Play

    Saddle : Butet
    Bridle : Edgewood -padded and raised fancy stitched
    girth : Leather overlay & for schooling a chafless fleece from Dover
    Martingale : Edgewood ( to match bridle)
    Boots : Custom Dehner's
    Helmet : Charles Owens.

    Sorry to say I have great taste and a beer budget.. LOL...

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    Jan. 26, 2008
    Fenton, MI

    Default My stuff


    saddle- Custom Albion H/J Pro
    Bridle - Arc de Triomphe and Dover Showmark
    girth - Professional's Choice

    Horse boots - Roma Gel and Veredus for showing
    Field boots - Nouvelle
    helmet - Troxel

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    Aug. 21, 2007
    Gerrardstown, WV


    saddle- Crosby Centenial
    bridle- Crosby & Dover Circuit
    girth- Crosby
    martingale (if have) - HK
    horse boots-
    field boots- Ariat Crowne Pro Zip
    helmet- Charles Owen Hampton
    COURAGE is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway. ~John Wayne

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    Feb. 26, 2007
    Bronx, NY/Atlanta, GA/Fort Dodge, IA


    Saddle: Dover Circuit Pro - soon to be BdH!
    Bridle: Beval Heritage Figure-8, New Cavalry, Dover Circuit, Vespucci Figure-8 (never used), Crosby Excel, Cambridge, random bridle parts, and lots of bits (from no-name to Happy Mouth to Mikmar and everything in between)
    Girth: SofTouch, RomaGel, Professional's Choice, Aramas, no-name leather and no-name neoprene
    Breastplate: Crosby Excel (with standing attachment), Collegiate (?) with standing attachment and unknown brand (but nice) running attachment
    Horse Boots: Weatherbeeta and Professional's Choice
    Field Boots: Ariat
    Helmet: Charles Owen and Troxel (soon to be replaced with another CO)
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    If we have to nail on talent, it's not talent.
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    Aug. 31, 2000


    saddle- Pessoa Gen X
    bridle- Pessoa Figure 8; Circuit; and some $35 schooling bridle that has lasted for 6 years!
    girth- Pessoa; Professional's Choice synthetic
    martingale (if have) - not sure, no name schooling
    horse boots- Eskadrons; generic neoprenes
    field boots- Effinghams
    helmet- GPA Titium

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    Jun. 13, 2008


    saddle- butet
    bridle- Crosby w/ a dr bristol and a no name w/ a pelham, and several bits
    girth- no name fleece, show no name leather
    martingale (if have)- tory? leather
    horse boots- Escadron, heidi, polos
    field boots- Vogel
    helmet- GPA

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    May. 16, 2001
    Alaska. Not in an Igloo.


    saddle- Amerigo Vega that I love!
    bridle- Vespucci Fancy Padded etc. My extra reins are all Beval
    girth- Just use schooling girths- I want a pro choice with sheepskin. Yummy.
    martingale (if have)- Vespucci
    horse boots- Bevals or Saratoga wraps
    field boots- Ariat Crownes
    helmet- GPA Titium- I kinda want a Speed Air

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    Aug. 14, 2008


    saddle: childeric, prestige, pessoa
    bridle: mondega, edgewood, pessoa
    girth: childeric, cheap fleece girth
    martingale: mondega standing and running
    horse boots: veredus, t-boots, eskadrons, tons of polos
    field boots: der daus
    helmet: IRH for schooling, GR8 for shows
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    Experience is the worst teacher; it gives the test before presenting the lesson.

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    Aug. 14, 2008



    saddle- barnsby whitaker
    bridle- beval
    girth- beval
    martingale- beval
    horse boots- eskadrons
    field boots- Custom Dehners
    helmet- CO GR8 Black/Black

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