Just got a call tonight from a friend. His SO's sister has a 95lb neutered male Golden Retriever that needs a new home. Apparently a gorgeous and loving dog, but NOT ok with small children. Has not bitten anyone, but has nipped at their kids. Husband threatening euthanasia so he called me, the bleeding heart dog lover. I already gave him rescue resources and made a million suggestions, but just thought I'd check in case someone here could/would re-home him. Friend lives in the city so doesn't feel good about taking such a big dog. Would prefer him to find home he can get more exercise and run, like a farm, or at least big yard, etc.

You can PM me or contact Rob Neel at 513 252 7986 for more info. This is my friend, not the dogs owner, but he can get you in touch with them. When he sends me her info I'll update this. Help if you can!