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    May. 9, 2013

    Default Speshul Snowflake - Fly Edition

    I love my gelding he's a great guy, he's currently the laughingstock of the barn as it's May (ok almost June) and he is covered from head to toe in fly gear. Fly mask, sheet that covers belly and neck, and 4 fly boots. He loves his sheet and boots, as without them he runs the fence until you put him in a stall. The problem is the mask. He gets too hot and again, the running of the fence line until you take it off, but then you deal with him going nuts from the flies, until you bring him in. Are you sensing a pattern? He will be moving to my property where we will use fly predators but for now that isn't an option, so protecting him is all I have. He has a Kensington mask that covers ears and nose. Do you think one of the lighter ones from someplace like sstack would fix it?

    something like this?

    I just don't want to start buying 100 things if someone has a much better idea. Oh and until this summer he's lived his life on the track and in a stall, not sure how he managed there but he seems to not be bothered in his stall with the fan on.

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    Switch to night turn out.

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    Jan. 26, 2011
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    I love using the War Paint roll on insecticide. My mare goes out with a muzzle and I feel that having to much junk on her face would annoy her. I hate that it collects dust and leaves big black marks on her grey face and legs, but hey it WORKS.
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    Apr. 28, 2008


    I don't care for the Kensington masks, too heavy. I prefer Cashel, but I do have a couple of horses that need a lighter mask. Absorbine makes one, it's light and durable. Covers most of the face....

    Here it is:
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    May. 9, 2013


    Dressage_Diva, that's what I bought today. The small horse looks to be a bit snug and the regular horse was huge, so we're trying the small horse and see where we are. Because he's in a paddock (speshul snowflake remember) he's brought in any day over 85 degrees from 11am-5pm, but other than that I'd have to pay quite a bit more for him to be in his stall more than that.

    Can't wait to have him home with me in July!

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