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    Jan. 22, 2007
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    Default Show Tack versus Schooling Tack

    So growing up as a hunter kid i remeber we always kept our "schooling tack" and "show tack" seperate. And it got me thinking, now that i am an eventer i really dont discriminate between my tack. I have a difference between show pads and schooling pads, but not really my tack.

    Does anyone else have different tack for at home and at shows? Just thought it would be an interesting discussion.
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    Oct. 19, 2006
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    Well, we like to keep an extra set of stuff in the tack room on the trailer, because everything at the barn molds or at least gets! That would be show clothes, crops, whips, cleaning supplies, etc.
    We do not have an extra jumping saddle , and at the moment, we don't have an extra bridle.
    We do keep the dressage tack in the trailer, but pull it out for dressage lessons.
    I guess eventers already need two sets of tack, why would anyone want three!

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    Oct. 14, 2005


    I have show bridles. A black one for dressage and a brown one for jumping. I had them custom made back when we had a master saddler in the area. But she moved back to England so I only use them for shows because it would be hard to get them repaired around here. Other than that, everything just gets cleaned and washed. I don't even mess with keeping saddle pads separate, but I have so many (they breed as fast as the plastic grocery bags under the sink) so I always have one clean for a show.

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    May. 1, 2007


    i have show everything except saddles. Mostly becuase I'm lazy and don't want to have to keep my everyday stuff clean All show stuff lives in the trailer and I generally think about cleaning it after an event, but it doesn't usually happen until just prior to the next show. So, I have everyday and separate show:

    saddle pads
    breastplate/running martingale
    jumpng boots
    crop/XC bat

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    Aug. 17, 2001
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    I'm too cheap to have "show tack". I do have show clothing, of course, but not bridles/bits/saddles/girths/etc. I clean and figure 8 my bridles after each ride, rinse off my Pro Choice girth, wipe down the saddle - why have show tack? I never understood the whole "show saddle" mentality - why not show in the saddle that you ride in on a regular basis? I remember coming from the H/J world, where you would have your cheaper schooling saddle, and then use your nice "show saddle", but even back then it didn't make any sense to me, especially if your show saddle and schooling saddle aren't the same kind/make/model.
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    Jul. 29, 2006
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    I have saddle pads, boots and girths for show - mostly b/c I use the cheap nylon fleece lined girths and they don't always dry overnight if you wash them. All other tack just gets cleaned.

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    Funny, I used to have "show tack" when I did the hunters, but now, not as much.
    I do keep aside the cheap stuff - pads, crop, boots, etc. - but the saddles and bridles are show and schooling.
    Beyond cost, the biggest reason I do that now is that I would be nervous about having a bridle or saddle that I only used for shows - what if you've made some subtle adjustments (or things have stretched) on your schooling tack and so the show tack feels totally different to the horse? Already have enough things that could go wrong!
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    I think it is more of a H/J thing. I remember having seperate everything (but saddle) for shows vs schooling. Then I switched to eventing and had a clinic with Dorothy Crowell, and she said if you are cleaning your tack after every ride, why would you have doubles. Made sense to me, so I went with that idea. Less to clean that way.
    ~ Kimberlee

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    Jan. 23, 2000


    Eventmom, try a dehumidifier in your tack room. We've got one in ours and it's pretty useful for preventing mold.

    I've got a few "show" bridles, primarily because I thought they were really purty and justified it by saying I wouldn't use them EVERY day, just for special occasions, since I'd probably be less prone to pop a keeper or something if I only used them for shows. Yeah. Because that was the reason. NOT because they were pretty and most likely on sale...

    My saddle and girth and everything else are the same. I usually buy the best I can and take care of it so it lasts, and if it's kept clean and in good condition, there's no reason not to show in the same things you use at home.

    I do tend to use our nicer saddle pads "out" and the older ones at home, though. Those never look as nice used as they do new.

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    Nov. 23, 2006
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimberlee View Post
    she said if you are cleaning your tack after every ride, why would you have doubles. Made sense to me, so I went with that idea. Less to clean that way.
    Ditto. I really don't have any just "show" tack. My nicer saddle pads I save for clinics and shows and I wash/bleach the white ones after every use.
    I have several pairs of boots but they all have different purposes so they get used regularly. Throw in the wash when I'm done. My pro choice girth gets washed fairly regularly and my bridles/ saddle cleaned regularly too. Same with bits. I haven't been into horses for that long so none of my stuff is old and beat. I take care of the tack I have and make sure it's clean for clinics/shows.

    However, I am thinking that my next helmet will strictly be a show/clinic helmet. My current helmet is fairly new but the velvet is slightly torn in a few places from some hairy trail rides through prickers and brush! I'll save
    that helmet for the trail/hunting.

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    Jul. 24, 2005
    MD girl living in NC


    I have boots, saddle pads, and grooming stuff that's just for shows, but everything else is show/schooling.

    Though I do have an extra girth, reins, crop, gloves, etc. in the trailer as a "spare" just in case something happens or gets lost.

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    May. 12, 2008


    I spent my youth in hunters having one saddle, one bridle and I rode lesson horses.

    The year before last, I could finally afford two new saddles - dressage and jumping. With it came the need for new pads, especially for the dressage saddle.

    I also had to get new bridles. My first saddle was dark brown, new dressage is black and new jumping is light chestnut.

    So...I have one dressage and jumping saddle for schooling/shows and separate show bridles.

    For ease of cleaning, I bought nylons girths, and leather, fleece lined girths for shows.

    The result of my big tax refund - go government!

    Still only one set of tall boots and helmet....on the list....

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    Jun. 27, 2002


    I prefer to use the same things that I use everyday at a show, so there is familiarity. I buy good stuff, take really good care of it, and use it for both shows and everyday riding. I do keep spares of almost everything "just in case," but no dedicated show tack.

    I do have a few saddle pads that I save just for shows, so they stay looking clean and sharp. My x-c boots I only use for x-c schooling and at shows....I do have "everyday" boots that can take that wear and tear.

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