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    Dec. 12, 2007

    Default I HAVE HAY!!

    In an effort to help feed hungry horse mouths across the country, the Chronicle has given the go-ahead to relax the advertising rules a bit in the Hay Forum ONLY.

    Use this thread to post a FREE notice of hay you have available for sale. Please keep the wheeling and dealing specifics behind the scenes, so the thread doesn't get cluttered.

    Make your post easy to read -- clearly post your (or the hay's ) location, amount available, type, etc. If you sell out, come on back to delete your post or edit it to reflect that it's no longer available.

    We'll tweak the rules/concept if necessary if there are any problems and feel free to contact us with suggestions.

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    Apr. 7, 2005
    summerville GA

    Default Bermuda squares for sale. Summerville GA

    Hay guys LOL. SKA has once again done hay this year. We have gorgeous heavy, dry and sweet smelling bermuda for sale. $6 a bale at the barn, delivery possible if not too far.

    This is some of our best hay ever.

    email at or call 706-734-0681
    Our horses are not seen as the old and disabled they may have become, but rather as the mighty steeds they once believed themselves to be.

    Sunkissed Acres Rescue and Retirement

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    Jun. 4, 2001



    Do you guys commercial ship to FL?????????
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    Quote Originally Posted by ponygirl View Post

    Do you guys commercial ship to FL?????????[/QUOTE

    yes of'd need to ring Calvin for details
    423 346 7909
    Production Acres,Pro A Welsh Cobs
    I am one of the last 210,000 remaining full time farmers in America.We feed the others.

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    Jul. 25, 2008


    I have found several local farmers selling hay for $4 per bale (50 pound bales) and even 1000 pound round bales for around $35-$40 each. I found lots on Craig's List.

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    Aug. 22, 2001
    Almost Aiken



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    May. 23, 2002
    Mass./Southern California


    Anyone have hay that is soft - soft enough for an aged (but healthy) horse that has chewing problems due to some molars issues? I'm running out of what I have now and my source has no more.

    She quids (wads up) her hay and it falls out, but she CAN get by on really nice soft hay. She grew up on Timothy-alfalfa mix, so there's ALSO the problem of her turning up her nose at hay that is less flavorful (i.e. bermuda). She's getting some dengie but I prefer also giving her some hay too so she has something to do when she's inside her stall.
    "I have never let my schooling interfere with my education." - Mark Twain

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    Mar. 29, 2008
    Waynesboro, Va

    Default Near Waynesboro, Virginia

    Sugar Loaf Farms
    Growing Orchard hay
    Teff Hay
    Small square bales
    Prices varie on cut and quality form $3.00 to $7.00
    Delivery offered
    Mark Ferguson 540-447-6881
    Foaling with webcam
    Horse Trailer Rental/ trailering

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    Oct. 13, 2008
    MI & FL

    Default Alf/Grass Squares-Sarasota,FL

    ALFALFA (MI)-We bring our our own semi with loads of hay to the polo club in Sarasota, FL to feed our own horses and supply the club members. Due to the decrease in members at the club this winter, we are looking to get outside customers. Hay is northern MI hay, average 68-75 lbs, alfalfa. They have actually been weighed--these are not small little kick bales, they are big, heavy bales, tightly baled. One bale will feed about 12 horses a good sized lunch. Clean, green hay. You pickup/load. $15.50/bale. If you are interested purchasing, please PM me and tell me how many bales you would want. Hay will be coming until April/May. We can also get alf/grass and first cutting if you desire it. Please inquire.

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    Apr. 30, 2008

    Default Just bought some really nice VT hay

    Bought beautiful first and second cut hay from near Ludlow, Vermont, and had it shipped by a really nice trucker who helped unload. Call Kevin (the farmer) 802-773-6687 for pricing - costs will be influenced by how far you ship because the shipper bills by the hour. He didn't have a lot of second cut left but the first cut was nice, too.

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    May. 23, 2002
    Mass./Southern California


    Lincoln, what kind of hay(s) is the VT farmer selling?
    "I have never let my schooling interfere with my education." - Mark Twain

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    Sep. 8, 2008

    Default need bermuda, fescue, or alfalfa mixed with these for allergenic mare

    I need to find fescue, bermuda, or alfalfa mixed with these hays. I have a mare that i just found out is allergic to everything but these. I have 2 other horses that I have a nice supply of orchard grass for. I need about 20 bales and am willing to trade 20 bales of my nice orchard grass for. I live in Pennsylvania.

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    Nov. 5, 2008
    North Georgia

    Default NW Georgia: Fescue and More

    I saw this farm advertising on Craigslist and bought some hay myself. GREAT prices. They charge $3.50 per bale (square bale) while some of the private barns, etc. are selling it for $5 + per bale.

    Hill City Farm Services
    We have hay for sale - wholesale to all!
    Jasper, Georgia
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    Oct. 3, 2005
    Southwestern Virginia


    I just got a load and I'm getting another of straight alfalfa. $7/bale very very nice stuff

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    Southeast Hay Guest

    Default Southeast Hay Distributors - Located in Wellington FL

    Hello all,

    Southeast Hay Distributors is located in Wellington, Florida and we are dedicated to bringing only top quality hay to our consumers. We offer a wide variety of forage and hay products to meet the needs of both leisure and professional equestrians.

    Pricing varies depending on delivery. Bulk orders will be discounted accordingly.

    Do you want a premium quality product? We stand behind out product 100%.

    Why work with us?

    - Reliable delivery times
    - Last minute delivery is available anywhere in the state of Florida. (Only on in-stock products)
    - We are members of the National Hay Association and ship hay all over the country.

    We work with the top growers in the United States which guarentees your consistancy. For futher information, you may contact our office located in Wellington, Florida. Ask for Alex.

    We also offer custom baling, custom orders, on-site storage solutions, and much much more. Need bagged shavings delivered with your order? Not a problem, just let us know!

    Best Regards,

    Alexander Christensen

    Office: (561)623-9009

    Southeast Hay Distributors, Inc.
    3132 Fortune Way, D-3
    Wellington, Fl 33414

    Online at:

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    SmithFamilyFarm Guest

    Default Hay in Northern VA

    Smith Family Farm has large square bales for sale, 27" H x 4' W x 8' L, Cool Season and Warm Season Grasses available. Price varies. Will deliver, hay located in Gainesville, VA. Please feel free to call with any questions!

    Brad & Leigh Smith
    Smith Family Farm

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    Jan. 24, 2000

    Default looking for good hay west coast fl

    Does anyone have northern mix hay for sale in west central fl for a reasonable price??
    Corner Stone Farm
    Weeki Wachee,FL .Follow us on FB!

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    Apr. 30, 2008
    Where it rains a lot

    Default I'm Moving and Need to Sell my Hay!

    I bought a ton of really nice second cutting Eastern Oregon orchard grass hay on January 2nd. Now, I'm moving to a full care facility. It's beautiful hay without weeds, mold, dust, etc. I paid over $300 for a ton. The bales are about 120 lbs, so 17 to the ton. Plus shipping at $30. I have about 10 or so bales left, $17 each, cash and carry.

    I'm located in Portland, OR.

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    Nov. 15, 1999
    Middleburg VA and Southampton NY


    I have connected with a hay guy who regularly runs semi loads between growers in PA and the Richmond area; he also grows some down there himself, I think. He is a very reliable source of high quality hay; a friend has been using him for YEARS. I have only recently been able to store a reasonable enough quantity for it to be worthwhile to use him/vice versa. I meet him on the road with my trailer as his truck won't fit in my driveway. I have gotten 3 beautiful loads from him at between $7-8 per bale, bales I've weighed are 50+lbs.

    I will be meeting him in Marshall VA in the next 1 to 1-1/2 weeks for another batch. If you are anywhere between PA and Richmond on 81 north of us or 95 below us, he will meet you or deliver to you.

    He will run loads to FL--has started to establish contacts in Wellington; didn't get as far as the second feed store when a pvt barn bought his whole truckload--not sure what his prices are that far south b/c of the freight cost.

    Email me (no spaces: M C L E Q @ or PM me for details.

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    Mar. 20, 2007

    Default Hay/Straw - Fredericksburg PA (Lebanon Co)

    First cutting orchard grass hay. Horse quality with no dust or mold. $4/bale at barn.

    Wheat straw also available for $3/bale at barn.

    Delivery available for additional charge within 50 miles of zip 17026. Call 717-933-9211 or email.

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