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    Actually, I do respect everyone's opinion. I'm merely attempting to explain how some management decisions are made, and how various groups have competing interests.

    Since the only information you're willing to accept is that which reinforces you're already biased position, exactly what would be the point of discussing anything with you? Your mind is closed.

    I shouldn't have to "give" you the science. The information is out there, waiting for you. You won't find it on a "save the mustang" website.

    People have answered your questions - some in greater detail than I have. No one promised that you'd like the answer. But the answers given are accurate.

    Quote Originally Posted by bridgetah1 View Post
    From your comments, you don't appear to respect anyone who disagrees w/you and who is not "in conservation." What exactly is it that you do in conservation? And, you don't appear to be particularly knowledgeable, IMO. Perhaps you're just modest, but your sneering and condescending tone make me wonder.

    Everything you write is some homey generalization, no specifics, no science that I can discern. Somehow, the same rangelands that accommodate millions of corporate-owned cattle, cause starvation in horses. Please, give me the science here. Answer some of Rahall/Grijalva's questions for starters.

    IMO, we're now dealing with a "cattle industry ruckus."

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    Bridgetah1, you are the one with the sneer and the holier-than-thou attitude. How many feral horses do you have there in the wilds of Oakland, California? Have you seen the damage done to range land by prairie dogs? By the way, dear, they are rodents, not little doggies. Cuddle it and you may get the plague. There's your disrespectful answer!

    You have gotten very respectful and well thought out answers from J Swan, Bluey, Hundredacres and several others. But you don't want to face the facts. It's so much easier to blame all the world's problems on the meanies in the Bush administration. Honey, these horses and all the other things you've been griping about have been a problem for longer than the Bushes, the Clintons, Reagan and Carter.

    Use your head, not your emotions. Control your politics, don't let your politics control you.

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