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    Sometimes when I get in 2 point if I'm cantering or galloping outside of the ring (i.e. the ground is much harder than the cushy sandy ring!) for a second I think "OMG if he trips I'm going over his head and it's going to reeeaallly hurt" but then I think "life's for living" and I just have fun I take precautions such as wearing a helmet and not riding a horse that I feel is seriously a danger to ride. I think most horsey people feel the same way, we'll take the risk to do something we LOVE. After 15+ years of riding I've hurt my knee once and that was the only serious injury I've gotten, and I've fallen off more times than I care to mention! Usually I fall on my rear end where it's nice and cushy

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    Condolences for the loss of this lovely lady. Unacceptable risks - maybe - and if I were a friend, I would be angry too. Even so, people need to live their lives as best they can to find joy, I guess a part of me relates to that way of thinking. When people die young, regardless of the cause, I think it is doubly hard to come to terms with.

    I know a little about that because after my little sister died young of cancer I decided to start riding again. I had quit riding because I got hurt a few years ago, an injury that had a big impact on my life - not pleasant. However, when my little sister and best friend, died after suffering so terribly I came to the conlusion that there ARE things worse then death. And that is... never having lived at all. Oh, and talk about being angry over a senseless death - cancer of young people just doesn't seem fair at all.

    so, I am riding again because it gives me great joy and in part I am honoring my sister's memory, by trying to really live while I can. I am very happy when i ride and it makes my whole life richer for the experience.

    I am still in daily pain from my injury - my single fall as an adult rider. So yeah, riding is dangerous, but I don't think much about it beyond taking what I consider to be appropriate precautions for my situation; BTDT horse, wear a helmet - what else can I do really?

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    Well, there was a lovely memorial at the stables today. There were many pictures of her, she was such a lovely woman. Her mother was there and I just sobbed my eyes out.

    (sorry I didn't dress up, Coreene. She was used to seeing me dressed in my stable clothes, I don't think she would have recognized me from way up there if I'd dressed up!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaddyUK View Post
    Slc2 - when in a hole, the best advice is to stop digging.

    Condolences were all that were required, not your yappy, crappy, second hand, mental health pontificating.

    Take that back to the mental health board you post on.

    Honestly, you really do take the biscuit.

    In other words, she really put the icing on the cake.

    Mental illness and riding accidents? I don't see the connection in it.

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    Here is my reply, short and sweet. If you live your life afraid of dying, then why live? Take risks, enjoy life, and just live.

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